Floods in Japan has evacuated 400,000 people, the death toll reached 29

Japanese authorities decided to evacuate 400,000 people south-west of the country affected by the floods, dead and missing in which 29 people Euronews reports.The last three days of Fukuoka Prefecture, Oita, Kumamoto hit by heavy rains. Landslides and out of the banks of the rivers more than others threatened residents of Fukuoka Prefecture. The water has destroyed more than 800 houses, demolished the three bridges. Most of the victims — 20 people — in Aso.In the evacuation of the army involved. People placed in temporary centers, equipped schools and other public buildings. In the south-western regions of damaged key highways, rail service is suspended.Earlier reported 250 thousand evacuated and 20 killed.According to weather forecasts, in the next few days of heavy rain did not stop. "Times"

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