Florida residents have felt the earth shake

Palm Coast(The coast of Florida — annotated. Translator),
Florida. — Researchers are trying to solve a strange mystery surrounding Flegler. Barrage of calls fell on 911 around 9:30 am Friday with reports of tremors in the area of land Flegler. All the calls came from people living in the area from Palm Coast Hammock to (See map).

However, residents in the North Dayton, as well as in Deltona and in the north of St. Augustine, said they also felt some vibrations. Many people are worried, considering that this is an earthquake.

Emergency Management Agency on the phone all day trying to find the cause of shaking. Feedback from residents of the building shook, and even a dispatcher in the area felt the concussion.

"I live alone and I'm blind, just shook the house, you do not know what happened?" — Asked the dispatcher 911 is one of the callers.

"I'm not sure, but we got a lot of calls about the incident. We have a man who will clarifying all this, right? "- Said the manager.

Calls from the District of Flegler were most numerous. Inexplicable phenomenon, which describes how a low hum, how shivering windows, terrified residents from St. Augustine to the district Volusiya.

"The base of the building and the building rumbled. Definitely something is not normal, "- said a resident WFTV (One of the news services — annotated. Translator).


WFTV found in at least two people who were once familiar with the California earthquake, and now their opinion, they felt the same soundstage.

"This is something that is very similar to what we have already experienced. Definitely this is very similar to the earthquake, "- said one of the two people.

"This is enough for you to look at the ocean and said, OK, and what's next? Tsunami? Since you're still not quite sure: is it an earthquake or not? "

The U.S. Geological Survey said the county Fleglera that sensors in Georgia and Orlando did not record the movement. In turn, the National Weather Service reported the lack of something extraordinary, Navy and Coast Guard told WFTV, that they have no information about any military exercises with the use of bombs.

"We are in touch with all the agencies that monitor such events and we hope that we do find the answers, well, at the moment we are a little puzzled," — said one of the officials for WFTV.

As the causes of this phenomenon, called:

1) the moon affects the ocean waves that struck the coast, thus forcing jump coastline;

2) Burnt meteor.

Translation: Anna Krasnov

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