Florida sits around the world because of the tornado

U.S. state of Florida was on Thursday in the midst of several tornadoes and torrential rains.
The city of Tampa has dropped record rainfall — more than 100 millimeters, wind gusts there reached 150 kilometers per hour. As a result of the disaster hundreds of thousands of homes were disconnected from electricity. Only in Tampa without light were nearly 700,000 customers.

Because of the heavy flow of traffic on many federal highways and regional roads was obstructed. Tornado flipped dozens of cars and port containers, the roots were torn out of the ground trees, destroyed dozens of homes. In the city of St. Petersburg because of the strong wind overturned truck, leaving several people injured.

At the airport of Tampa about 70 people were trapped under the rubble of buildings destroyed by hurricane. After clearing the rubble six of them were hospitalized. Due to stormy weather postponed or canceled dozens of flights from airports in Florida.

Heavy rains have increased the water level in a number of cities in the state. According to meteorologists, they may withdraw from the coast as early as Friday evening or Saturday, leading to flooding, according to ITAR-TASS.

Source: BBC News, GrassrootsNews.tv

Source: vseneprostotak.ru.

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