Following a natural disaster can strike Los Angeles

In the next 30 years could an earthquake of great power, and it is possible that the Pacific Ocean will flood Los Angeles, U.S. seismologist.



Effects of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. AFP photo

"American University professor at Berkeley Gary Black has no doubts: despite the lack of a direct connection with the earthquake in Japan, the U.S. must prepare for the tremors incredible strength," — says the publication La Stampa.


According to the professor, the constant progress of oceanic plate, which moves under the continental plate, lead to the accumulation of energy which, in turn, provokes shifts and splits. As a result of the preceding changes have accumulated a huge amount of energy, and on March 11 she freed herself.


"In recent years we have witnessed numerous earthquakes of great power. Shifts strata were more intense, but these processes fit into the overall picture of the frequency — believes the professor. — You do not think that the greenhouse effect is, at least at this stage, is the cause of increase in seismic activity. "


"In the next few years will be frequent earthquakes of great strength — predicts scientist. — Seismic processes will be observed in all hazardous areas, including the San Andreas fault that passes through California. An earthquake of great power, is expected in the next 30 years, a blow to Southern California and the surrounding areas. "


The consequences, according to Black, will be the hardest. "We can not rule out the possibility that Los Angeles would be under water, as well as some Pacific islands: the city has always been subject to such a risk, — he says. — What happened in Japan should force America to think. "
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