For 40 years, the Earth's living resources declined by one-third

Biological resources in the world declined by 28% from 1970 to 2008. This was said in a new report entitled "Living Planet", which is every two years, are experts of the World Wildlife Fund.

To reach this conclusion, the experts studied the development of the Fund over 9000 populations of mammals, fish, birds, reptiles and amphibians.

Experts say that human consumption of natural resources in comparison with 1966 has doubled. According to them, the main user and polluter of the world's ecosystem is the USA. "If the whole world to use natural resources on a scale in which they are now using the Americans, in order to maintain eco-balance would need five planets comparable to Earth" — the report says.

However, the U.S. has only the fifth line in the list of countries, the world's wasteful use of natural resources per capita. The leaders in this index were Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Denmark. Following the United States are Belgium, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands and Ireland. Russia in this list only 33rd.

In compiling the list of variables such as the level of emissions of carbon dioxide, the forest area and used in agricultural lands, the amount of industrial waste, etc.

The new report of the Fund, according to its director general Jim Leape, directly addressed the workshop participants at the end of June in Rio de Janeiro UN Conference on Sustainable Development. "Governments around the world can and should use the conference" Rio +20 "to set a new course for sustainable environmental development — said Leape. — The Forum in Brazil will have the unique opportunity to combine the power of governments, cities and businesses in order to keep our planet living "- ITAR-TASS quotes the statement of the Fund.


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