Forest fires in Colorado and New Mexico

Forest fire out of control near Fort Collins, Colorado, June 11, 2012.

Massive forest fires devastated the arid Colorado and New Mexico, and reiterated the need to replace outdated equipment for fire fighting.

To assist in extinguishing the fire area of 60 square miles in northern Colorado were thrown forces fire in Wyoming, including the required aircraft. Canada has also provided two aircraft to fight a fire in Colorado. At the scene of the fire, including the crew arrived elite Federal Fire Service. The fire had already destroyed 118 structures. In general, the complexity of some 600 firefighters will fight the fire.

There is slow progress in the large fires in the history of New Mexico. The fire covered 435 square miles of forest. It was caused by lightning strikes in the middle of May. Arizona sent 15 fire engines to aid in extinguishing the fire. Also arrived at the scene airliner DC-10 to fight fire with water and inhibitor.

The planes dropped a special substance to retard the spread of fire in High Park near Fort Collins, Colorado.

Forest fire near Fort Collins, Colorado.

Airplane releases water to extinguish a fire near residential buildings near Fort Collins, Colorado. A fire in a day has increased to more than 31 square miles. The smoke spread to central Colorado, western Kansas, and Texas.

Tracey Greenwood embraces his daughter Mariah. The fire covered area near their home west of Fort Collins, Colorado.

4-year-old Kyle Brumley takes forest fire near Fort Collins on camera.

Crystal Faust looks at a helicopter flying past the fire service.

People gathered on the hill to see a forest fire near Fort Collins, Colorado.

The helicopter takes water from Horsetooth Reservoir near Fort Collins.

A helicopter flies through the thick smoke after the release of water to the fire zone.

Burnt houses and trees in the Wolf Springs Loop near Ruidoso, New Mexico.

Surviving swing near the burning houses in Wolf Springs Loop, New Mexico.

Arizona firefighters from fighting the fire near Ruidoso, New Mexico.

Mark Stembag stands on the spot where it used to be a shop selling firewood.

Burned-out house and a car that was in it, in the Wolf Springs Loop, New Mexico.

Helicopter with water to extinguish a fire near Ruidizo, New Mexico. Hundreds of residents of the resort town was evacuated.

Evacuated residents Daniel Reeve and Pandora Violet show each other on a map where their home.Source:

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