Forest fires in Spain

Not far from the Spanish city Raskera, Tarragona province began a spring fire. According to preliminary calculations, the fire destroyed three 081.59 hectares of land, of 76.28% of the area occupied by trees, and the rest were in the pine forests and pastures. In the most affected one Raskere 370.57 hectares of forest. More southern areas where the flame penetrated, such as El Perello, Tivenis Benifallet and lost 1 248.79, 462.12, and 0.1 hectares respectively.

With fire nearly four days more than 300 firefighters fought by promoting rescue east of Tarragona. The situation could have been brought under control much more quickly if it were possible to use the above-ground fire. Due to poor visibility in fire 10 airplanes and helicopters were not able to qualitatively fulfill its mission. The fire has been difficult to curb because blew constantly from the coast of the Mediterranean strong wind speeds up to 40 km / h, only to disperse the flames. At the moment, the main flame brought under control, being actively extinguishing fire on the borders.

In the area of the fire was held overnight operation to evacuate the 52 residents of 24 homes. Was introduced canceling school buses plying on the route Raskera El Perello and closed circuit TV-3022. Now move along the road restored in both directions. The public expressed fears for the safety of ancient rock paintings in the cave of convertible Feihet to which the fire crept up close.

In 1995, faced Raskera like fire, then destroyed 5000 hectares of land. 2012 can repeat or exceed the number of fires, as this spring in Spain was ever hot and dry.


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