Formed over the North Pole giant ozone hole

In size it is comparable to the Antarctic. And it continues to grow. Dangerous changes noticed by specialists from the German Institute for Polar and Marine Research. According to their observations, the ozone over the Arctic in just the last few weeks has fallen by half. 

The collapse comes on all fronts: the concentration decreases (down 2% on the day), thickness — also, now it is 2.8 millimeters. But every day the protective cover, which protects humans from harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, becomes thinner (2-3% per day). To the previous anti-record in 1979 left some six-tenths of a millimeter. Blame the greenhouse effect. Because of him, the heat from the earth does not have time to climb high. As a result, in the upper atmosphere — an abnormally low temperature, destructive to ozone molecules. Thus, the planet is now under attack from two sides. To the great hole over Antarctica was added also a solid gap on the North Pole.


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