Fracture point: Modern civilization as we know it on the verge of the end?


Suddenly, the world is a very scary place and it becomes even worse, like a broken, decaying, dystopian world in science fiction films, none of us ever imagined it would be in reality. Everything seems raspadatesya around us. Concerns about the deterioration of the European debt crisis grows as weak economic data from China, the stock market around the world has decreased over the past two weeks. The financial crisis has spread to Spain and beyond.
The government in the Middle East is crumbling and power into the hands of the crowd. Tension rises between Iran and the Arab countries and Israel. NATO offensive in Libya increases every day, and it seems that one decision away from the ground offensive. 60 NATO aircraft in the air over the country today. Anxiety grows in Syria, as well as the protesters, who are not at odds with the ruling oligarchy government policy. Over a thousand people have died in the massacre. Russia has warned the U.S. that any interference in the country can request a response with the participation of Russian troops. Russia seeks to build a naval base in Tartus Syria and has no desire to see his plans for the erection of a foothold in the Middle East go up in smoke, regardless of how many protesters Syrian forces gun on the streets. Japan was leveled by the disaster and its physical infrastructure is in ruins, and a radiation leak on the Japanese countryside. Worse, Japan needs to borrow money to rebuild their country, even more seismic and volcanic risk looming over the country.Fearing U.S. financial collapse may be imminent, China has already sold 97% stake in the U.S.. There is no one left in the world to finance America's manic spending habits. To the south of the U.S. border, Mexico, oil production is in decline drugs and violence has now taken over much of the country. 30,000 people have died so far in the violence. China is restless and began to colonize her interest in the world. U.S. $ 61.6 trillion in unfunded liabilities, and it is only then that the book. The real figure is much higher. George Miller, who designed the Mad Max films, said he never thought he would live to see the movies to become a reality. In the sci-fi hit movies, Wikipedia says, "The world is described as a" collapsed, and … the city exploded, "there were uprisings and social disorder due to lack of energy, and that" two mighty warrior tribes "had gone to war. Governments tried to restore order, but life has become a "whirlwind of looting and a storm of fear, where people began to feed on humans." What happened to our planet?

MEXICO CITY — Mexico rival crime gangs in the arms race, and the latest sign that the homemade "Mad Max" type heavily armored vehicles they deploy to withstand fierce clashes with each other. The army found two more "narco tanks" over the weekend in Ciudad Camargo in Tamaulipas state along the border with Texas. —McClatchy

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