From floods in India suffered 150 thousand people

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NEW DELHI, July 17. In eastern India in the flood damaged 150 thousand people.

According to RBC, the heavy rains have resulted in the river Brahmaputra burst its banks and flooded several towns in the state of Assam. It is known that the element took the lives of at least one cheloveka.Poterpevshih temporarily marked out in schools and buildings owned by the state government of Assam.

Currently, the Indian authorities quickly deliver rice, lentils and other products, as well as the essentials for tens of thousands of evacuees.

Recall that in December, torrential rains have killed 203 people in India's southern state of Tamil Nadu. The dead included 52 women and 41 rebenok.Dozhdi brought by the northeast monsoon cyclone began on 5 December.

The highest rainfall was observed in the capital of Tamil Nadu, Chennai metropolis, and in coastal areas. To a large loss of life and major property damage resulted in the disaster region, located in the delta of the river Kaveri. As a result, were flooded dozens of settlements, killing more than two thousand cattle, crops destroyed crops over an area of thousands of hectares.

Currently, the Tamil Nadu government decided to provide financial assistance to flood victims. In disaster areas, temporary camps for blood lost residents there sent rescue teams and humanitarian aid.

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