From which mankind will die: some versions

Recently, scientists have found that in December 2012, end of the world did not. Like, the Maya themselves on what is not hinted. Yet people continue to invent their own scenarios of the Apocalypse. The other day in an exciting game includes authoritative British publication The Guardian. A Neva24 reflect on what doomsday theory look the most realistic.

End of the world is canceled.
This was stated by the researchers of the Mayan culture, who gathered for a conference in the Mexican city of Palenque. According to scientists, in December 2012, the infamous Mayan calendar does not end, but rather to start counting from zero.

However authoritative British publicationThe Guardian decided to remind his readers of the most likely scenarios of doom. The newspaper appealed to the opinion of the British Astronomer Royal Martin Rees: in his book, "Our Final Century?" He wrote that the chances of human civilization to survive 2100 is not more than 50%. The article in The Guardian Alok Jha at one time also wrote a bestseller, which considers 50 (!) Versions of the Apocalypse.

Neva24 decided to brush upthe most likely theory.

Asteroid. By the Earth is known to be dangerous "stone" that astronomers have dubbed Apophis. According to some scientists, the asteroid could crash into us in 2036. However, she is really the end of everything he brings: continental changes will occur, someone will survive. According to one theory, 65 million years ago it was the fall of the celestial body has led to the extinction of the dinosaurs. Some scientists believe that these "meetings" — the Earth and the asteroid — happen once every 100 million years. This, however, does not mean that you can breathe easy and relax for another 35 million years: heavenly boulder may arrive tomorrow. And we have nothing to protect themselves from it.

Nuclear war.
This option doomsday could well become a reality (bringing death) in 1962, during the so-called Cuban Missile Crisis. Then people actively feared nuclear war in the 1980s. Behind the "Iron Curtain" even shot two frightening benefits postapokaliptichnomu world: British film "Threads" and the American "The Day After" — look at and would not want to press the "button." However, now due to various revolutions and krizizami fears arose. And recently added more fuel to the General Staff of Russia, saying it would not preclude escalation of conflicts on the border with our country in a large-scale war involving nuclear weapons. In addition, we know that Nostradamus predicted that the world would die in 2018 for this reason.

Mass insanity.
On this version of the Apocalypse wrote chief editor of Discover Corey S. Powell. "The physical health of people in most parts of the world is getting better, but mental health is deteriorating. According to WHO, more than 500 million people in the world suffer from psychological disorders. By 2020, most likely, depression will be the second leading cause of death after heart disease," — says Powell. More popular, however, uses the theory that mankind will die of a deadly virus, and not depressed.

The inversion of the magnetic field of the Earth.
In this scenario, even has a date: 2021. If by that time mankind will die from depression, it will wait for a new lethal test: kill all living cosmic rays. According to some scholars, they reach us due to weakening of the Earth's magnetosphere. That, in turn, will weaken because the poles are reversed: the south is in the north and vice versa.

According to writer James Rollins is the latest achievements of mankind and lead to the death of all living things. "Scientists have invented nanobots — self-replicating microscopic robots. Some worry that these robots may lose control and start to consume all matter on Earth. Scientists even have a term for this kind of danger: Ecophages (means" eating the environment "). Townsfolk have also there is a term for threats. They call it "gray goo", because that is all that will remain in the world after the swarm of nanorobots, "- says Rollins. So nothing Dmitry Anatolyevich so keen on nanotechnology.

Of course, this is only the most obvious list ills from which humanity may perish. Hypotheses weight: black holes and little green men, influenza and plague, the sun and moon, global warming and global cooling and the end of time and punishment from heaven. Choose for every taste. address the material


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