Geologists: the fear of earthquakes in Japan, can cause other deficiencies

May 26, 2011TOKYO — In Japan recently magnitude earthquake 9.0, that caused the devastating tsunami, relief of stress along the slab, but also contributed to the build-up efforts in other areas, resulting in some of the country are at risk of significant aftershocks and perhaps new main shocks, scientists say. After studying data from Japan's extensive seismic network, researchers from the woods hole oceanographic institution (WHOI), Kyoto University and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) have identified several areas at risk from earthquakes, the largest ever in Japan, which has already caused a lot of ground tremors. Data on the magnitude 9.0 Tohoku earthquake on March 11 has brought scientists a small but significant step closer to a better assessment of future seismic risk in specific regions, said Shinji Toda Kyoto University, lead author of the study. "Even if we can not predict, we can explain the mechanisms involved in these tremors to the public," he said. However, he added, the findings do together scientists "a little closer" to be able to forecast earthquakes. "Research over the past two decades has shown that earthquakes interact in ways never before imagined," Toda, Jian Lin of WHOI and Ross S. Stein USGS write in a summary of paper in your news for publication in the Tohoku Earthquake Special Issue of the Earth , Planets and Space. "The main impact not relieve stress and, thus, the probability that another major tremor-but only in some areas. Success probability earthquake adjacent to the section of wine that break or on a nearby but different fault can jump" significantly. Tohoku earthquake, centered on the northern Honshu, is "unprecedented", the use of Japan's "superb monitoring networks" to gather data on the quake, according to the scientists. Tohoku quake, the fourth largest earthquake ever recorded, was "the best record [large quake] the world has ever known." This made the quake "special" one in terms of research, Lin said. "We felt that we could find something we have not seen before" in previous shocks, he said. At 9 points quake, seem to have informed much of the island of Honshu, Todd said. In particular, the risk, he said,-in the area of Tokyo, Mount Fuji and central Honshu including Nagano. —

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