German giant volcano awakens? It seems …

February 15, 2011. Koblenz, Germany. The surface of the famous German Laahskogo lake looks picturesque and soothing, but under the water column for the time sleeping potential killer, a powerful monster that can devastate half of Europe. The last eruption of the super volcano Laahskogo lake occurred about 12,000 years ago. Since then, his ashes can be found in different parts of a good half of Europe. July 30, 2010 earthquake near the region (Koblenz, situated at the confluence of two rivers — the Rhine and Moselle, approx. Mixednews) could give a boost to wake up from the dream of a giant monster. What Laahssky volcano is potentially dangerous, proved seismic and thermal anomalies in the lake. Carbon dioxide released by magma is still bubbling in the south-east coast, and scientists believe that a new eruption could happen at any time. Today, near Koblenz, a series of seven earthquakes ranging from 4.5 points and the epicenter of 6 km underground. Now on the planet are beginning to awaken from a long sleep sleeping giant volcanoes. Apparently, the Earth is on the threshold of great geological changes.

Earthquake summary, Germany:

Depth of 6 km — earthquake measuring 4.5 points;

Depth of 11 km — Earthquake moschnostyu3, 2 points;

Depth of 12 km — earthquake measuring 2.4 points;

Depth of 20 km — earthquake measuring 3.7 points;

Depth of 20 km — earthquake measuring 2.1 points

Depth of 12 km — earthquake measuring 3.4 points;

Depth of 10 km — earthquake measuring 2.0 points.


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