German KAZ

German KAZ

Hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers, anti-tank guided missiles and charges directed blast (especially the devastating improvised explosive device) — all this represents a severe threat to troops involved in current conflicts and post-conflict situations. Rheinmetall and ADS GmbH has recently developed a set of active defense (KAZ) (Active Defence System, ADS), which is a reliable countermeasure, as demonstrated during recent live-fire tests at the test center Rheinmetall Unterluess in northern Germany, carried out in the presence of about 120 professionals from 10 countries.

German KAZ
German KAZ

ADS is the most advanced and effective protection system in the world of modern military equipment from operational risks in virtually all of its weight classes. The complex operates in accordance with the principle of complete defeat (hard-kill). System Sensor detects approaching ton projectile, for example, or a shaped charge anti-tank missile. Then within a few microseconds complex activates protective sector, applying directed pyrotechnic energy to defeat the projectile in the vicinity of a specific tf. Thanks to its own downlink traffic KAZ minimizes collateral damage in the area around armored vehicles.

First 2011 APC Fuchs / Fox 1A8 was equipped complete the ADS in order to verify its ability to cars 6×6. In addition to demonstrating that the ADS can be integrated into existing platforms without significant configuration of the main characteristics of volume, weight and power electronic, mobility tests were to be conducted Department of Defense Technology 41 in Trier, they have been successfully completed in June 2011. Because it was planned more tests of the system on the vehicle, it was decided to carry out dynamic tests using a ballistic firing RPG7 ("Panzerfaust") on the armored personnel carrier.

German KAZ

In the test center of Unterluess Rheinmetall was used to tow the vehicle at a speed of 20 km / h iron rope bronetranpartera Fuchs / Fox, a system equipped with ADS. Aside from the armored distance of 18 meters was fired from an RPG, powered by the pressure of the contactor on the detonator, similar to what is commonly used in improvised explosive devices in urban areas and along the routes of movement technique. Test was intended to demonstrate the unique effectiveness in countering ADS melee attack, immediately neutralized detonator shaped charge.

Sensors ADS found attack, led approaching projectile as dangerous and complex at once proceeded to destroy her. The residual effects of the projectile was lacking to pierce the armor armored personnel carriers, and in fact so weak that the APC was able to move under its own power after having been jettisoned.

Located just 150 meters viewers can follow the live presentation, standing in the open air without the need for special protection and could survey the ton after the fire.

Important to note that the demonstration of a Fuchs / Fox has also shown that system ADS can be used very well in enabling armored vehicles continue to meet the challenges of modern warfare.

The company Gesellschaft für Aktive Schutzsysteme, in which Rheinmetall owns a 74% stake, has received the first order for the serial KAZ.

Several armies in the world at the present time are showing great interest in the technology of ADS. Experts believe that the number of the vehicle, which must be retrofitted with systems of this type KAZ, is seeking a 10-s of thousands.

German KAZ

Rheinmetall protection concept vseobyatnoy

Requires complicated composition of active and passive protection systems, coupled with the systems of incomplete destruction (soft-kill) to provide military protection for the crew ton level commensurate with today's threats.

That is why Rheinmetall systematically expanding its technology portfolio, adding new capabilities through a series of carefully targeted acquisitions. By focusing on the experience of companies like Rheinmetall Chempro GmbH, Rheinmetall Verseidag Ballistic Protection GmbH and ADS Gesellschaft für aktive Schutzsysteme mbH, a group can now offer a unique range of abilities Innovative security forces.

Protection in accordance with the "onion principle"

Vseobyatnaya protection concept Rheinmetall was based on a multilayer approach, KAZ ADS as of the outer layers of protection, representing particularly effective and Innovative solutions so as to kill the approaching danger of fighting before they achieve their own goals.

Passive solutions form an indispensable second line of defense, here is hanging armor or a clay composite materials. Here Rheinmetall is pressing ahead with the development of new technology, which allows it to supply customers with full military concept for defense of the 1st source, such as bullet-proof booths logistics vehicles and trucks.

Rounding out the concept of protection of various high-performance solutions Rheinmetall partial liquidation (soft-kill), the Group of Companies delivers not only for ground transportation, and for airplanes, helicopters and ships.

Doctor's note: The creator did not once said about the "uniqueness" of the considered KAZ, not to mention the world's first Russian KAZ and first adopted by the Israeli weapons.

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