German mobile field hospital — for the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation

German mobile hospital - for the Russian Defense MinistryRussian Defense going to buy from the German firm Zeppelin Mobile Infirmary. According to RIA disk imaging announcements, it was declared Acting Chief brain Military Medical Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, Colonel Medical Service, Anatoly Kalmyks. Purchase of the infirmary, he said, is in accordance with the programs of in the role of doctors peacekeeping missions of the United Nations.

Before deciding to purchase a hospital, the Ministry of Defence could see various options for this kind of acquisitions west of production. Mobile Infirmary of Zeppelin is meant to expand the landfill Ministry of Defense, where it will be carried out tests in the criteria RF. Kalmyikov notes that on the basis of experimental data the military will build their own mobile field hospitals set up to work in situations of force majeure or by local hostilities.

Zeppelin produces various kinds of mobile hospitals: Mobile Tent Hospital, Mobile Compact Hospital, etc. Of all the supplied "versions" of the highest capacity in Semi Mobile Hospital (two beds). But according to Kalmikova acquired by the Ministry of Defence from the Germans infirmary has a capacity of up to two hundred and fifty beds.

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