German political scientist Alexander Rahr: West behaves the same as the Russian Alliance

German political scientist Alexander Rahr — about the relationship of Germans and Russian.

"Admiration for the United States — as a religion"

"The Germans cut off the brains!" These words in the mouth of sparkling German political scientist Alexander Rahr sound like a slap in the face. Our conversation with him about the Russian-German relations laced with bitterness of his disorder. Director, Center for them. Berthold Beitz, German Council on the outer Alexander Rahr known in Europe as the preeminent expert on Russia. His book about Putin "German in the Kremlin" and "Where will Putin?" Made a lot of noise in the West and called broadside creator in extra sympathy for "those Russian." This descendant of the first wave of Russian immigrants — a sober assessment European who says wistfully about the lost abilities.

— Strategic alliance sverhtehnologichny Germany and resource-rich Russia (a long-standing dream of a historic Russian) did not take place. Arrogant German elite of him did not even think. But why?

— The Germans still feel that Europe, which their ancestors built after the second world war. Their system is overwhelmed and lost our home in the cool war, it is not interesting to them. Germans live in the feeling of triumph of liberal values and the Western democracies, which must not only defend, and even what to export, even brutal ways, taking root in other continents and alien culture. This beautiful idea of a global forcible happiness 90 years ago promoted the USSR. If you talk to the representatives of the Western elite and explains to them: "Gentlemen! You behave exactly like the Russian Alliance "- they do not understand.

Two ideas have overwhelmingly European brains. First — the idea transatlantizma, born after the second world war. Admiration for the United States — is a profound religious feeling. Europeans are ready to endure even a mad Republican led U.S. like McCain or Mitt Romney. To feel protected against a possible enemy in the person of, Iran, North Korea or the Islamic world. They close their eyes to the fact that America has changed, and its geo-political interests of Europe must play along. It is still closer to Europe than the neighbor Our homeland is not professing Western values. Russia build its national government, which discourages many.

Second global thought in the minds — the sacred Europe that guarantees European nations peace, stability and prosperity.

German political scientist Alexander Rahr: West behaves in the same way as the Soviet Union

This cartoon is drawn in Germany before the First World War. Yet no matter how Stalin, nor the Communists, and the Russian threat — is here!

"The Europeans have one prospect — SIBERIA"

— Neuzh even money crisis they are not sober?

— People are used to the fact that crises are resolved. The last generation of Germans do not beheld no blood, no wars. They grew up in such an incredible prosperity that their instinct is disconnected threat. They do not seek out innovative approaches to geopolitics, consider themselves smarter than others and think that will be able to preserve your own comfort. Just thought the Romans, barbarians have not come. Europeans no longer want to learn from others. What a number of previously kitaistov, Arabists, professionals in Islam, the Balkans and Russia. A modern Europe — it's not just ignorance. It is a rejection of knowledge. 10 years ago, Russian I read: "You Germans are clever! You avoid the read to us about the strategy, and expect when we lay out cards on the table. " It took another 10 years, and now I hear: "We impression that the Germans did not hide from us their thoughts. There's nothing to hide. We just do not have them! Germans indeed cut brains. "

— As can be seen, the idea of strategic exchange of Russian resources to the German technology Germans did not lure?

— No. I will say more, they do not entice any idea coming from Russia. Neither the Energy Union, which offered Putin. Nor anything else in his mind — a joint upgrading and modernization of Siberia. Remember how 200 years ago the first stream of Europeans went to America? And at the moment, Russian offer to open their Siberian and Far Eastern areas for the European colonists, stubborn, hard-working and more than for you to close on the mentality than the Chinese.

— Utopia! I myself come from the Far East, where Russia is not moving, and the Germans?

— Two centuries back, too, argued: who will go to America or Canada? Come on people — out of despair, of crises. In Russia, the crisis yet. There, in the depths of the house can be bought for a song and bolshennye land, low taxes there. In these regions, of course, will not go. But will go when in Siberia will be made conditions for settlement and otstraivaniya and when Europe will intensify the crisis. Other way the Europeans do not have the resources they are completed.

— It will be a European colonization RF?

— Why not? RF needed Western technology and Europe needs to expand the current space. Europeans are just not mature enough to think that our homeland can feed them. How much fun being able to open the alliance of the Russian Federation and Europe! Our home can build nuclear reactors and to stuff a cheap electricity to its neighbors. It could pave the way north, so that products from Europe to Japan and China were at 10 days faster than going at the moment through the Suez Canal and Africa. Our homeland even offered to participate in missile defense and to become such makarom defender of Europe from the East, and Asia. And she even did not say thank you. No one applauded the fact that the Russian are willing to sacrifice their own territory, to shoot down missiles above the Iranians and Koreans to defend Europe. All took it as a matter of course!

Dealing with Russia over the last three years has changed. This East. "Yes, unfortunately, you are richer than we are! — Yells West. — But stay where you are. And do not be equated to us! We have a higher culture. — We are Revival, stately thinkers and scientists. Are you in the Middle Ages sold TIMBERS, tar and fur coats, and at the moment oil and gas. This is not enough to become a majestic empire. " I'm trying to build bridges, but I think they do not need anyone. The idea common Europe from the Atlantic to Vladivostok was 20 years ago, but at the moment was lost.

German political scientist Alexander Rahr: West behaves in the same way as the Soviet Union

Germans from the time of Peter successfully mastered the terrain of, and in the Volga region was even at their own republic.

"Pro-German policy in the Kremlin, and the Germans ITS spit!"

— I was not striking. Inspire people to the idea that our homeland — the evil. The entire German press on of — it's indescribable stream of nonsense and spit in his face.

— About RF write or bad, or no way. For local journalists endless whipping boy — Schroeder, who retired in Gazprom. No one understands that specifically because of his efforts Germany has a cheap gas. And wha
t hysteria began in the press after the election of Putin! They just went crazy, that nothing is able to do! But Putin said Germanophile. I even wrote a book about it, "German in the Kremlin." He really wants to make friends through Germany and converge with the West. But he had a romantic idea about our country. He does not see how things are here in fact. He comes here with an unblemished heart. This is his beloved Germany, where he once had a beer in the pub and was friends with the Germans. And at the moment, many are set to him belligerently. They shout to him: "Stop the war in Chechnya!" They do not know that the war has long been over. Germany commits idiotic strategic mistake. The Kremlin sits pro-German politician, and his constantly spit in the German press.

— We repeat the historical error, extending the hand of friendship Germany? Maybe we should read from a position of strength?

— The strength of the Germans like it. They bow to American power. And before the moral force of Israel. This is the main thing here is taboo, and the second religion that is very true built.

— There is a firm perception that the Germans need to constantly peel moral mace Holocaust, fascism by another animal wakes up again …

— Some think that the Holocaust should hang over the Germans still two years that they constantly need to poke your nose in the fact that they killed 6 million Jews. Look how quickly silenced Gunter Grass. (In 2012, the German writer Günter Grass, the Nobel laureate, published a poem, "What is to be said," in what has criticized Israel for risk pre-emptive strike on Iran over its nuclear programs from. He recalled that Israel had secretly developed nuclear tool, easily accessible to international control. In response, Israel announced the personality of the writer non grata. — DA) Grass aware in their 85 that the world stands on the brink of a third world war. If Israel is banging on Iran, Iran, unlike Iraq, will defend. Start terror in the world. Remember September 11. The video "Al-Qaeda" was stated correctly: our actions — the vengeance of the Palestinians. Israeli factor has played a huge role in the attack on America.

— Speaking in the Knesset, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Germany's historic responsibility for the security of Israel is part of the legitimization of her country (literally — the foundation of its existence). If Israel goes to war, Germany should automatically support him, he's right or wrong.

— What is the essence of the conflict? On the one hand, the hand of Israel to its fate Europe fails. Though the only democracy in the Middle East. On the other hand, they can not curb. They do not give the Palestinians their own government. Provoke tensions with regard to the Arabs. In fact, Gunter Grass said that it is time to Germany to have the courage to criticize Israeli policy, but the German ruling elite rejects such an approach.

German political scientist Alexander Rahr: West behaves in the same way as the Soviet Union

Even majestically Russian hatred of the Germans we had only on the battlefield. And the prisoners were divided and bread, and a spark.

"Do not feel the guilt RUSSIAN"

— Jews managed to impress the Germans guilt complex. Why did no one remembers the 20 million killed in the Russian second world war, the genocide of the Roma and the Nation?

— The Germans do not feel guilt in regard to Russian. They think: yes, it's creepy that there was a second global war. But Russia also overcame and got great trophies taken away from the Germans, the third part of the area. Favourite took the historic part of Germany — Prussia and raped her. Our homeland so punished and tortured Germany …

— …that Germany will assume a moral obligation? Favorites are not sorry?

— Right. Too many believe that it is our homeland guilty to Germany, and not the contrary.

— Inconceivable! We are of the breadth of the Russian soul forgive the Germans of their deeds, as it turns out, no one was in need of our generosity!

— Understand, I was teaching in a completely different school than you. The whole history of the second World War in the European consciousness — or a history of the Holocaust, or the history of 2-gang-bastards of the world population of Stalin and Hitler, who climbed on top of each other, because they could not divide the world. And, unfortunately, one villain defeated, is Stalin. And it just had to finish, as well as Hitler. We were taught that our homeland is not defeated in the second World War. It helped the Americans to Europe from the Red Army, just as brutal as Hitler, who would have reached the Atlantic Ocean, if not gallant South American fighters. So teach and our children. East Germans and Poles, too, have learned the western point of view. They behold the self in the role of victims and demand compensation from Russia.

German political scientist Alexander Rahr: West behaves in the same way as the Soviet UnionAlexander Rahr

— In the western media I see the latest demonization of. There is a preparation of the population of the West to the idea of the legitimacy of the intervention against the Russian Federation on the basis that "these barbarians" illegally have the resources! Remember the phrase U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright about how unfair that one country disposes of such wealth as Siberia?

— Well, this quote you will not find on the Web. She just quoted some American philosophers who say that in the future the world's population can only survive if the resources will be shared and above them will establish an international control. To all the people of the land could take advantage of them.

— But is the meaning of this exchanged? I see in the Western media saturated bombing public presentation of vulgar thought: oil pipe in the hands of Russian barbarians, which open and close it without reason. You just need to take away the pipe.

— Your sense of fun. If the world is as you describe, that Putin is right in insisting that the atomic weapon only frighten opponents and keeps them under control. But the West is not willing to seize terrain. He longs to win the spiritual space.

— But it is even more dangerous! So called "humanitarian intervention" far left from the Middle Ages. You take the souls of men, as the devil, and you take away their souls through the gold!

— I agree with that. My saint — Alexander Nevsky, Prince of Novgorod. Then Tatars controlled all of Russia, Novgorod and paid them tribute. And they came to the Alexander Nevsky Crusaders, envoys of the Pope, with the sentence: "We will help you to cope with the Tatars and expel them from Russia, and for this you will forget his orthodoxy and accept the Catholic faith. Perceive our values and become a part of Europe. " And while Europe was closer to Alexander on Christian judgment, he did not on the side of the Crusaders. On the contrary. Defeated and expelled them from Russia. He reasoned as follows: Tatars lesser evil, since they did not destroy the spirit of the people and did not touch his Orthodox traditions. And without the Orthodox spirit in his mind, the Russian people dead.

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Alexander Rahr Glebovich — German journalist, political scientist and director of the Center it. Berthold Beitz, German Council on the outer Policy (DGAP). Born in 1959 in Taipei (Taiwan). In 1988 he graduated from the Munich Institute, where he studied the history of Eastern Europe. In 1995, he became director of programs in Russia and the CIS at the German Council on external policy. Awarded the highest merit of Germany — the Order "For the awards to the Federal Republic of Germany" — for his contribution to the development of German-Russian relations. A distinguished doctor MGIMO, a member of the Council on foreign policy of Germany. The creator of books, biographies of Gorbachev (1986), Vladimir Putin ("Teuton in the Kremlin, "2000).

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