German Sterligov: Healthy life without GMO. Video


Posted on 15/11/2012 by user Oleg Gorbatov

Why is the first multi-millionaire Russian German Sterligov more than eight years over the threshold of grocery stores? Leading scientists of the country to tell the truth about GMOs.

Why can not we buy products in large retail chains

The larger trading network, the poisoning in her products.
Large retail chains, regardless of their wishes can only trade REPAIRS poisoned food. Procedure is the way to counter is so long time that modern retail is simply compelled to have only those products, which are abundant added antibiotics, preservatives and other chemical poison.
The larger the network, the longer the way of meat, milk and other things to the counter — the more there must plunk antibiotics and other things. The dependence of the line.
Want to get more or less normal food? Perform demonstrations not about corruption, and about to return to the small grocery stores, where the morning farmers bring their products, and the day you buy it during the day and eats.
Just so you can get in normal food.
Person buying products for their children in a large supermarket — poisoner their children.
Consolidation of retail chains — a systematic way of the mass poisoning of the population in all countries of the world.
German Sterligov (head of farm)

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