German Tank Destroyer Hetzer E-10 II

E-10 was a representative of tanks latest concept, the design of which was intended to unify the very creation. E-10 was considered as a test platform for a whole generation of tanks with index E, first engines, as well as boxes and chassis components.

He should was to be a light reckless tank destroyers, as well as intelligence machine, designed by «Klockner-Humboldt-Deutz» of the town of Ulm.

This company before the project E-10 have never been engaged in the development of armored vehicles. Power plant on the E-10 should was to be installed in the back of the Maybach HL 100 with the cooling water, 400 hp or air-cooling of the Argus, 350 hp. After installing the fuel injection system and an improved cooling capacity of the motor with the Maybach HL 100 had be raised to 550 hp at 3800 rev / min.

The combined system of hydrodynamic control box and control should be carried out by Voith. The system also had to be installed at the rear of the tank, which facilitates its removal and to service. This layout also allowed to increment the place of the crew compartment of the tank. Engine compartment and rear armor plates planned to fully removable, so that it was possible to dismantle slider and a box as a unit. It was expected that the maximum speed of the tank had 65-70 km / h Although the designation E-10 machine to the expected weight of 10 tons, a subject, the mass of the new tank was to be about 16 tons.

On tank planned set 75 mm gun Pak 39 L/48, virtually the same as was established on the tank destroyer Hetzer. In the production process it might be replaced is integral version (Starr) of the same tool. Suspension on the outer arm, with the introduction of a Belleville spring washers.

On each side of the machine there by the outer arm 4, any of which was set iron rubberized wheel diameter of 1000 mm. Wheels alternately overlapping each other and installed in pairs on the left and right of the single row of teeth truck. One of the abilities of the tank was to regulate the amount of clearance. This was achieved by means of hydraulics. Machine height can be varied from 1400 to 1760 mm. Reservations was 60 mm on the upper front plate, inclined at 60 °, 30 mm on the lower front plate of 20 mm and at all other bronelista.

E-10 has not gone into the creation and execution of its role has been assigned to a close in size, but structurally more normal Jagdpanzer 38 (d), stationed at the long version of the chassis obsolete Czech Panzer 38 (t) with the new engine.

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