Germany: a large sinkhole on the island of Usedom

On the Baltic island of Usedom(Usedom, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern), earth opened wide by 50 meters and a depth of 4 meters. Gaping canyon looks like a younger brother of the Grand Canyon in the USA.


Does it hit the ancient void? Or even a meteorite? In the center of Tsirhova(Zirchow — a municipality in Germany, in Mecklenburg — Western Pomerania, ca. Translator)mysterious gaping hole. Discovered it while walking Andreas Vayrauh reader reporter He says: "There has been a collapse or subsidence of sand. On the walls you can see the failure of the samples. "Failure is drawn to a small lake. "There's the mysterious bubbles formed from water." It bubbles suspicious. It is likely that in the coming days, the earth will move again.

So what happened?

Harry Strom of the State Agency for Geology says: "Ground water could create this failure. In addition, it could be the result of past drilling in the GDR. Underground voids caused to collapse. "

So far, landslides occurred mainly in Rugen(Rugen — an island in the Baltic Sea, east of Hiddensee. Largest island within Germany). Now, also is in danger of Usedom. Geologists have yet to determine whether the failure to increase in size.

Strom: "This is very interesting! However, the idea of a meteorite, perhaps, not worth considering. "

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