Ghost Train. The terrible truth about BAM

The most famous railway line, of course, could not in the past decade, not overgrown with all sorts of legends and rumors.

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But, unlike any inventions, almost all stories about BAM — unexplained, not amenable to human logic and perception, the true facts. During the construction of highways people are constantly faced with a number of anomalous, and sometimes openly paranormal. No wonder the people BAM called "ghost highway."

The most accurate was the legend of the ghost of the railway. Anyone who once worked at Amur Mainline, one and all claim that this phenomenon does exist. According to the descriptions of witnesses, migrant workers often by driving the train that was moving completely silent! Noticed that it was not a single phenomenon? Ghost Train appeared repeatedly.

Curious young people set out to find out what could serve as the appearance of this unusual form of a ghostly substance. Here's what they have learned in the course of questioning and searching for information.

Even before the war, in the 30s, in the Amur region there was a "BAMlag" — a forced labor camp. It was his settlers gave rise to the Baikal-Amur Mainline, starting laying the railway track. It is believed that the ghost train came about two years after the start of construction of the railway.

Everyone remembers the harsh climatic conditions of BAM. In addition, there are no exceptions or adaptations to facilitate the work of the inmates did not exist. Working conditions were simply inhuman. Working endlessly sick and died from dozens of weakness, disease and hard labor. As a result, the settlers revolted and fled the colony by hijacking a locomotive. Far from leaving them, unfortunately, failed. Very quickly, one of the planes had bombed relentlessly search team train, destroying everything: personnel, equipment, railway track.

Soon the camp was closed and abandoned highway construction. But local residents are more often observed phenomenon of ghost train. The most surprising is that the damaged train bombing has completely disappeared, and the rails are recovered themselves.

Legend has received confirmation after 30 years, when people came from all over Russia to continue construction of the road. The canvas was completely whole, and on the rails were missing even a hint of rust. To avoid gossip put forward a theory that the railroad used by the military, carrying a secret cargo. However, having driven in the ways of not more than 30 km could stumble upon, densely overgrown hill, overlapping further movement.

The mystery of who, how and when to restore this site, is not solved today.

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