Global natural disasters in Latin America

In Brazil, the growing number of victims of the devastating floods and landslides that have recognized the country's largest natural disaster in half a century. Recall that the powerful mudslides went to several cities in the mountainous part of the state of Rio de Janeiro, after heavy rains on the night of 11 to 12 January. Per day in the region dropped about 800 millimeters, which corresponds to a monthly rate. The overall picture is encouraging small and in the near future is unlikely to promise an enjoyable stay for those who planned trips to Brazil. The number of cities in the south of Brazil, where the regime of emergency declared due to rains has risen to 60, said local civil defense service. Previously reported 43 victims cities. Power connected to the rescue army. Military bracing rivers, restore highway suggest mobile bridges. Some places have grown campsites and field hospitals, food and medicine but still not enough. In the mountains, a hundred kilometers north of Rio de Janeiro blurred road and 17 settlements remain cut off from the outside world. Transport them by using helicopters and special terrain. Rescuers have not yet managed to get to two dozen villages located in the mountains. Complicating the situation in the region and reaching torrential rains that and do not think to subside. The rivers are still dangerous, there is the threat of new failures of the soil. Seven of the most affected cities, located at a distance of about a hundred kilometers north of the state capital, the city of Rio de Janeiro, declared a natural disaster. Hardest hit by landslides Nova Friburgo, killing 416 people, Teresopolis — 346 killed, Petropolis and Sumidouru — 71 and 22 victims, respectively. According to the service GO southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, more than 25,000 people have been forced from their homes, submerged by floods. All from the disaster affected 919,000 people in 71 village. According to the latest report, the service GO, five people were killed, 162 were injured and 79 were ill from exposure. The government estimates the material damage at 413 million Brazilian reais (247 million dollars). Decree of the Governor of the State of Rio de Janeiro in the state was declared, and went a week of mourning for the victims of the tragedy. No casualties among foreign tourists were reported. Russian Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro also has no information about the location of Russian citizens in the disaster area.

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