Glow in the sky and thunder caused panic in Washington State




An unforgettable sight of the American people were able to watch the State of Washington. According to eyewitnesses, early yesterday morning in the dark sky over the western parts of the state appeared blue light, transformed into a white band, and then in the orange-red lights. The picture was accompanied by peals of thunder.

According to the conclusion of astronomers, it was an unusual brightness of the meteor. It is not excluded that the "fireworks" was caused by the re-entry into the atmosphere of large fragments from the category of "space junk" such as spent rocket stages or left the orbit of the satellite.

The Americans have experienced conflicting feelings — from admiration to panic. As representatives of the Joint Command of the North American Aerospace Defense (NORAD), they know about the bright sight in the sky over the Pacific Coast of the U.S., but does not believe that it is a phenomenon that represents a "threat to the defense plan." The National Weather Service has not noticed on their radar unusual.

Meteorite or any other visitor from outer space, most likely, completely burned in the atmosphere. The probability that its fragments have reached the Earth, is considered unlikely. In any case, astronomers University of Washington will try to thoroughly explain the nature of bright celestial flashes. ITAR-TASS.


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