May 9 at 16:00 over the Gulf of Haikou emerged a unique natural phenomenon — a mirage. Almost an hour Haikou residents could see a ghost town, hanging over the sea (see photo), a lot of people had gathered on the shore to witness the phenomenon.


According to reports, there was a mirage because of abnormally high temperatures, which was established in the last days on the island of Hainan, usually unusual this time of year. Previously, we reported on a similar case in the summer of 2010 in the city of Sanya, given the current high temperature (35 … 38 ° C), in the next few days is very likely recurrence of mirages and everyone can see them.

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July 26, 2010. Recently released information that on the morning July 26, 2010 China's Navy sailors saw a mirage consisting of city skyscrapers, the sea off Sanya (see photo):

It was about 6:00 in the morning sailor on watch at one of the Chinese Navy patrol boats noticed a vague goal, consisting of high-rise buildings and suspended between sky and sea, he quickly informed the captain and the ship approached the unclear objectives, sailors clearly seen from the city skyscrapers, suspended between sky and sea, with the mirage at 6:45 was a very clear and distinct, many have pictures of it, then it became dim, and at 7:12 mirage completely dissipated.