Greenland became a dangerous

The destruction of the Greenland ice sheet fixed to U.S. researchers. They found a huge crack in the ice: if it is to grow, then secede from the island chunk size of 23 square kilometers. In the worst case scenario, the destruction of the Greenland ice sheet becomes irreversible and lead to higher sea levels. According to experts, may be injured, millions of people worldwide.

Greenland ice sheet, covering more than 80% of the island began to collapse, writes

"This will be the beginning of the collapse of the main part of the largest floating glacier in the world," the two major Greenland glacier last month lost a lot of ice, but in cover A giant crack. Its width is about one kilometer, and length — more than 13 miles, according to a new study by American scientists.

Detect division managed by NASA satellite images and camera images with a time delay, which monitor the glaciers of Greenland.

According to Professor Jason Box of the Polar Research Center at Ohio State Bird, the expansion of the crack faces splitting off a piece of ice the size of 23 square meters. kilometer.

This will be the beginning of the collapse of the main part of the largest floating glacier in the world, reports CBSnews.

"The crack increases and moves to the edge of the glacier. Fault of the iceberg — it's a matter of time. It can not be avoided ", — said Boxing. According to him, during the last weeks of Greenland has managed to lose a few pieces of ice.

"A huge part — about 29 square kilometers — the size comparable to half of Manhattan, broke off in the period between 10 and 24 July. This means that other northern Greenland glaciers are melting faster than previously thought. The acceleration of this process leads to an increase in the water level in the oceans, "- said the scientist.

He drew attention to the fact that in 2000-2001 went to Greenland has large masses of ice, an area of 86 square meters. kilometers. Scientist blames global warming is happening. And many of his colleagues share this view.

"So we see that this phenomenon goes on further to the north, then it is certainly a matter of concern" — spoke head research center of the University of Colorado Land Uoled Abdalati.

According to the head of the "Climate and energy" of the Russian branch of the World Wildlife Fund, Alexey Kokorin, scientists wish to draw attention to this problem is not by accident.

"If the global temperature change is not able to keep within the two degrees, it will lead to serious drought, from Portugal to the eastern border of Kazakhstan affected Africa and India. And that could affect billions of people.

If the greenhouse gases will be reduced by half, then after a few decades it threatens a large-scale migration, "- said in an interview Kokorin look.


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