Groom found in Yakutia for young white bear came to Yakutsk

White Bear Lomonosov Friday came from St. Petersburg Zoo and after quarantine Kolymanu see his fiancee — a young white bear that in April 2012, found the environmentalists in northern Yakutia, told RIA Novosti the Ministry of Environment of the Republic.

A lone polar bear has been picked up by the inspectors of the Ministry of Nature Protection of Yakutia, April 14, 2012 during a survey of the Arctic archipelago of Bear Island in the East Siberian Sea as part of the WWF Russia "Bear Patrol". Next bear was found between the islands and Krestovsky Chetyrehstolbovoy.

Several days of searching mother bear did not lead to a result — or she died, or has lost a daughter in a strong blizzard. The patrol took a hungry baby with a temporary expeditionary base on the former site of the polar station on an island Chetyrehstolbovoy, then taken to the zoo Yakut "Ortho I'll get there," and lived in a cage.

Bear named Kolymanoy. A pair of power for her Yakutia thinking permission RPN on keeping animals in the zoo Yakut "Ortho I'll get there." As a result, failed to agree with the director of the Leningrad Zoo to transfer the male polar bear. Administration of Leningrad Zoo decided to send to Yakutia Bear Lomonosov because the "Ortho I'll get" built a new aviary. The decisive factor was that Kolymana — female.

"Now pick up a female bear very heavily — mostly all males. Bears become sexually mature at the age of five or six years, so that in a few years we can expect from the offspring of this new pair," — said the representative of the Ministry.

According to him, on Friday Lomonosov arrived in Yakutsk. Transportation was successful.

"The bear come a long way from St. Petersburg to Moscow by car, then from Moscow to Yakutsk on the plane. Accompany him at the Department of Leningrad Zoo carnivore Vladimir Ivanov. Lomonosov now being developed in a new spacious enclosure. Unfortunately, Kolymanoy dating for a month After quarantine and adaptation to new conditions, "- said the representative of the Ministry.

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