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HAARP, High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or, in translation, "programm frequency active ionospheric research" with super ionospheric nagrevnyh shields. Project Manager, General John Heckscher.

HAARP The program began in 1990. The project is funded by the Office of Naval research (Office of Naval Research (ONR). Because the HAARP facility consists of a large number of individual parts, large and small, there is a significant list of commercial, academic and government organizations who will wear their own contribution to the construction of the facility, are institutions and U.S. institutions, namely the Institute of Alaska, the Stanford Institute, the Institute of Pennsylvania, Boston Institute, Los Angeles, Clemson University, Dartmouth Institute, Cornell Institute, the Institute of the Johns Hopkins Institute of Maryland, College Park, Massachusetts Institute Amherst, MIT, Polytechnic University of New York Institute and the Institute of Tulsa. BAE Advanced Technologies Company is the general contractor for the design and construction of the phased array transmitter (Station is the Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI — video).

Phased array is built on an area of 1000 x 1200 (about 33 acres). It consists of 180 towers 72 'in height, mounted on the thermopile interval 80' from each other. Any support tower near its apex intersecting two pairs of dipole antennas, one for the lower range (2.8 to 8.3 MHz), the other for the upper range (from 7 to 10 MHz). The larger the area occupied by the field of the antennas, the greater the power. The antenna system is surrounded by a fence to prevent the possible damage to the antenna towers or harm to large animals. According to the views of the creator HAARP Bernarda Eastlunda, this is sufficient for the creation of a missile defense shield, or "pacifier" tornado.

Unknown HAARP

According to the press service of the HAARP, the project strives for openness, all the acts of the project are recorded and available to the public. HAARP facility is often (once a year) Organizes the days of open houses, during which at least some concerned citizen can look at the entire center. In addition, the research results gained in HAARP, are often published in leading scientific magazines (Geophysical Research Letters, or the journal Geophysical Research).

All the same, both in the West and in the East which is popular theory circulating about komplota posted in Alaska located in the leadership of the U.S. military covert program there HAARP, which is credited with the possibility to cause natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, hurricanes) in different regions of the world. Obviously, the ability of HAARP in this theory is exaggerated, but there is no smoke without fire. There were no cases, that HAARP caused the earthquake in the geologically a measured region, but with the help of such methods can be enhanced or otherwise alter the natural disaster there, where there are certain geological conditions. Writer Michael Crichton, for example, has proved such a possibility with all the cutting-edge technology book

The geophysical instrument based on the call of disturbances in the ionosphere, in the professional environment is considered "weapons of despair." Since no one fully knows what will happen when it is used with the atmosphere and the Earth's magnetic field. But it was developed during the years of military confrontation between the U.S. and the USSR, and the scientists, apparently on the principle that when you fly five thousand nuclear warheads, it can not be choosers?

But supporters of the theory read it komplotov stupid. And in some places in 2020, the Pentagon may begin construction of a very, very large antenna field.

Effective radiated power installation in the first stage of the project will be about 1 billion watts. It will apply to:

— "Imaging the Earth's crust" (ie, sensing geological formations for the detection of underground complexes or deposits of minerals), which, coupled with the Emass and supercomputer-type "Crey" allows the supervision of the treaty on non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and disarmament;
— a small-sized and perfect development is capable of massive change radio stations in Michigan and Wisconsin, started to communicate with the submarine fleet at very low frequencies;
— the creation of man-made sections of the plasma (plasmoids) in the ionosphere, weather control and transmission in different regions of the planet;
— the device can be used as-horizon radar, and even as anti-satellite weapon,

The most promising area of research are the issues of control of processes in the ionosphere, the solution of which will allow significantly improve the efficiency of the class K-3 (command, control communications). The main objective of this part of the applets — identification and investigation of processes in the ionosphere, which can be used in the interests of defense programs.

Over time, the installation on the military training ground Gakkona in Alaska, Greenland, and Norway will create a closed loop with a truly mind-blowing abilities integral impact on the near-Earth environment.

Unknown HAARP

The significance of this high jump in weapon system is comparable to the transition from the cool guns to fire either from the ordinary to the nuclear.

Can the effect of emissions from these plants harm the biosphere? How annoying would it not seem, at this point, scientists are less likely to engage in research outside their own area of specialization, on its own initiative. They are very dependent on the defense industry, from bureaucratic structures under the influence of which decide who to give lucrative grant, a consultant or a degree. For information about the project HAARP exposed significant distortions on the part of the defense industrialists and the military, and on the part of their opponents.

Nick Begich.

The initiative to draw the public's attention to other possible abilities HAARP project belongs to scientist and policy Nick Begich, Jr.. Political activity in Alaska and organizational work in the trade unions, the position of the Council of the State of Alaska on Economic Education and two-term capacity as president of Alaska Federation of Teachers, brought him public acclaim. At one point, he vyznat in the local press intriguing news — it appears that the federal government wants to build some obscure setting, figuratively speaking, "almost in his yard." The investigation Begich vyznat backstory of the project.

1. It turns HAARP has its origins in the late 80's. Atlantic Richfield Corp (Arco) made a subsidiary under the name "ARCO Power teknoledzhiz Incorporated" (Apti). ARCO — the largest private company in Alaska occupied by the first oil development on the northern Alaska, where she is in control of trillions of cubic meters of natural gas and a billion barrels of oil. In the interest of ARCO was to find a buyer for the gas. Searching for a new market, coupled with the inventive genius scientist Bernarda Eastlunda with which the company had at the time the con
tract was signed.

Eastland Fictions constructively latest concept. He suggested making a tremendous field of special antennas area of 4,150 square kilometers, which would convey the power generated by natural gas, into the sky. These rays of energy needed to create a reflective surface, which would be directed microwave energy back to the receiving antenna, located in the main part of the United States or somewhere else, and then this energy would be transformed into electricity.

Eastland believed that energy can also reflect down from the top of the thundercloud, creating a tornado. The tornado formed as a result of lifting the warm air through a layer of cool, creating all of this downward air flow. Computer modeling has shown that feed into downdraft heat stops a downward movement, preventing the appearance of a tornado, and can even soothe the tornado formed.

At the moment, both of these ideas have been reduced to zero. 'All of them have lost their enthusiasm, as required very large amount of energy, up to one million megawatts' — says Eastland. But the November 3, 1993 the U.S. Air Force announced that Apti won the tender for the construction nagrevnogo shield in competitive struggle with a big company, "Raytheon", specializing in the development of defense and has a steady reputation in this field. The only thing that assist in Apti uncompromising contest with the military — a set of 12 patents.

After the contract was signed, Apti pretty quickly was sold to the "E-Systems" in Dallas (Texas). The deal signed June 10, 1994. ("E-Systems" buy "ARCO Power teknoledzhiz". "New-york Times", 30.06.1994). In 1992, the annual budget of the "E-Systems" was 1.9 billion dollars, the company there were 18,662 employees, "E-Systems" one of the big contractors are carrying out orders on a hardware security services in the United States.

Then the "E-Systems" was bought by "Raytheon" for 2.3 billion dollars. "Raytheon" has not only the patents of the project HAARP, and in addition to them yet and the contract for the implementation of the second phase of the project. With the purchase of the "E-Systems" company has essentially increment annual income as a monopoly on the draining of funds from the budget under "defense spending." The combination of 2-resources of these organizations has led to the creation of the massive facility in the world, engaged in technical support of the intelligence agencies.

When Apti still owned by ARCO, watch over its activity was relatively easy, since it was a small company. It was easy to keep track of patents, as well as related details about the creators of development, the transfer of rights of the author, etc. Deal with the "E-Systems" is allowed to hide their tracks and disguise the assets firmly small branch in tons of corporate documents. At the moment he lay down on the bottom of the deepest corporate slough one of the largest private companies in the world.

2. Examined the materials of the debate around patents, Begich has come to the conclusion that the purpose of HAARP is not the study of the northern lights, and the ability to study the impact on the ionosphere has a huge range. In the middle of patents not become public knowledge (and also owned "Apti Inc.") Nick Begich found the following:
— U.S. Patent № 5.293.176 Issued: March 8, 1994. Inventor: Paul J. Elliott. Title: Phillips dipole antenna.
— U.S. Patent N 5.041.834 Issued: August 20, 1991. Inventor: Peter Koert. Title: Artificial screen in the ionosphere formed by a layer of plasma.
— U.S. Patent № 4.954.709 Issued: September 4, 1990. Inventors: Ari Ziegler, Joseph Elsin, Rishon Le-Zion, Israel. Title: High performance directional sensor gamma radiation.
— Patent № 4.817.495 Issued: April 4, 1989. Inventor: Adam T. Drobot. Title: Identification system gallakticheskih objects.
— U.S. Patent № 4.999.637 Issued: March 12, 1991. Inventor: Ronald M. Basc. Title: Creation of artificial ionization regions above the earth's surface.
— U.S. Patent № 5.202.689 Issued: April 13, 1993. Inventors: Robert W. Byussar and Thomas H. Wallace. Title: Lightweight focusing reflector for the criterion space.
— U.S. Patent № 5.068.669 Issued: November 26, 1991. Inventor: Peter Koert and James T. Cha. Title: A transmission system using radiation energy. — 5,041,834 "Artificial ionospheric screen formed by a layer of plasma";
— U.S. Patent № 5.218.374 Issued: June 8, 1993. Inventors: Peter Koert and James T. Cha. Title: System microwave energy transmission means radiator made by the printed circuit board.
— U.S. Patent N 4.873.928 Issued: October 17, 1989. Inventor: Frank E. Lofter. Title: Scale nuclear explosions are not accompanied by release of radioactive materials.
— U.S. Patent № 4.686.605 Issued: August 11, 1987. Inventor: Bernard J. Istlund. Title: The process and the impact of technology on the part of the earth atmosphere, ionosphere and / or magnetosphere.
— U.S. Patent № 5.083.664 Issued: August 13, 1991. Inventor: Bernard J. Istlund. Title: The method of creation in the atmosphere screen consisting of relativistic particles.
— U.S. Patent № 4.712.155 Issued: December 8, 1987. Inventors: Bernard J. Istlund and Simon Ramo. Title: A method and equipment for heating the plasma portion using an electric cyclotron resonance.

Unknown HAARP

3. In the city library of Anchorage, which possessed a copy mikrofilmovannoy patents. The section of the patent under the heading "Previous development," Begich found links to articles Nikola Tesla. As the name Tesla has always been associated with reckless projects Begich wanted to know why the creators of planetary engineering is still referred to the writings of the late inventor. Begich said the article, which sent out a patent, publication in the "New-york Times" September 22, 1940. "Nikola Tesla, one of the truly majestic inventors, who celebrated 10 July own eighty fourth day of birth, said the creator, he is ready to bring to the attention of the U.S. government's secret" action at a distance ", with which, as he said, can be melted airplanes and cars on distance of 400 km, building such makarom invisible majestically Chinese wall around the country … Massive power disperse microscopic charged particles of matter, which will be the destruction of the bear. "

5-7 May 1997 in the course of the 12th General Assembly of the United Nations Dr. Nick Begich, spoke to the European Parliament a report on the dilemma of the U.S. Government in the Arctic and the creation of HAARP. In the middle of those present were several members of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, including Vitaly Sevastyanov. The initiative of Dr. Begich, along with the hosted in September 1996 gave the public exposure of internationalist start investigating cases around the project HAARP.

Radio amateur Claire Zikur

First 90 Claire Zikur could say about the discover that life is good. He was about 50 years old, he worked as an accountant in a multinational oil company ARCO. Had his home area of about 300 square meters of the cliff in the districts of Anchorage, with a window into the entire wall overlooking the fjord Cook. At least two nights a week he spent at his own short-wave ra
dio. No one would have never thought to imagine that Zikur accept the role in the activities of an eclectic team of fighters for the environment. But the conversation with their neighbors in October 1993 changed their serene life. Jim, the pilot of "Alaska Airlines", at one point NIGHT MODE on the air and told that from their own colleagues, he vyznat the existence of some installation titled HAARP, which is being built "in the forest thicket" northeast of Anchorage. Equipment with such features could be naikrupneyshim world jammers.

Zikur started asking radio amateurs, whether they had ever heard of something about the transmitter nibudt HAARP. The results of the investigation Claire summarized in an article that appeared on the list of "more fundamental unpublished news in 1994," in the book "Project censored" (the "Project censored" New-york: publisher "Fo Walls Eight uindous", 1995).

Yet, in the process of reductions in ARCO Clare lost his job, he sold the house and went to wander the southern states, but his work was continued by "men of the backwoods." They were two of the local Yankees. In 1-x, hunters, geologists and members of other professions, the main work which takes place in the woods. They do not have a telephone and are very dependent on their own radio stations. In-2, pilots.

In most areas of the U.S. such awareness might seem something unusual, but in a wooded Alaska radio — is part of daily life, most of the inhabitants have access to the media and through the web of satellite dishes, and this allows them to be familiarized in almost all fields of knowledge. In addition, the inhabitants of Alaska differ beyond a warehouse character, what they have to struggle for years in the development of areas other than one of the most terrible weather criterion in the world. They are inclined to skepticism. For many of their press conferences held by the military, have caused more questions if responses were received.

Bernard Istlund

After finishing the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Columbia Institute, and worked for eight years in the program development on fusion research under the auspices of the Committee on Atomic Energy, Bernard Istlund early 70's became a co-sponsor of the invention "plasma torch", with which one could use the excess plasma fusion reactor for the processing of solid waste. His main invention — ionospheric emitter, an application for which he filed in 1985.

In the 80s we agree with the Patent Office was not easy. When Istlund applied for the first of a series of patents related to the invention of the ionospheric nagrevnogo shield, an expert told him that it is more like a science fiction creation. Istlund's answer, that this technique has long been there. Step by step, he developed and presented to the Bureau of documentation and calculations to prove efficiency of its offspring. The only thing that has worked on officials. But before the 1991 submissions were made public, the Navy has settled his patent number 5,038,664 for "secret."

Interested in the project at the Pentagon. Further major studies Istlunda held under the auspices of the research projects of the Ministry of Defence and wore the title "Energy missile shield in northern Alaska" (DARPA Contract № DAAHDJ-86-C-0420 "Energy missile shield in northern Alaska").

Bernard Eastlund died Dec. 12, 2007.

Nicolas Tesla

In the 19th century it was clear that the metals that are released into the universe in stellar explosions, possess an invisible force field. A significant part of the iron has gone deep into the earth, where lies peacefully so far. Since planetka spun, spun metal along with it. This rotation of the electric field has given rise to an all-pervasive.

It is believed that the prospect of unlimited capacity and the value of the electrical environment opened Nikolai Tesla, the inventor Tesla resonant transformer that produces the highest voltage of the highest frequency. The output voltage of the Tesla transformer can reach several million volts. This voltage in the frequency of small electronic strength of the air is able to create impressive electronic discharges into the air, which can have long multimeter. These phenomena fascinates people for various reasons, because Tesla coil is used as a decorative item. But the invention of Tesla's later claims to create a truly cheapest kind source of electrical power which will be used as a high voltage power supply for the beam cannon.

Unknown HAARP

Maker Tesla biography Mark Cypher "Nikola Tesla: The Story of a laser beam and guns" (based on the international symposium Tesla, 1988) based in the middle of other materials and documents of the FBI, summed up the life of the inventor: "There is considerable evidence that speculation that the archives and scientific works Tesla systematically withheld from the public in order to disguise the origins of hidden development, is now recognized as "Star Wars. '"

The road to the HAARP

The study started with a few of the ionosphere astonished listeners. In 1933, the inhabitant of the Dutch town of Eindhoven tried to catch a radio station located in Beromyunstere (Switzerland). Suddenly he heard two stations. Second signal — from a massive transmitter in Luxembourg — have never been broadcast on this frequency, wave it was at the other end of the scale, and yet in this case the signal is superimposed on a Swiss station.

Unknown HAARP

Luxembourg effect, as later he was baptized, not for long remained a mystery. Danish scientist named Tellegen learned that the cross modulation of radio wave is the result of the interaction caused by the nonlinearity of the physical characteristics of the ionosphere.

Later, other researchers have found: high-power radio waves changed the temperature of the portion of the ionosphere and the concentration of charged particles in it, it would have affected other signal passed through the modified site. Experiments with the interaction of beams of radio waves took more than 30 years. In the end, the conclusion was made: a massive beam radiation causes the instability of the ionosphere. Since that time, the main inventory of scientists became the transmitter with an antenna array, called nagrevnym shield (here and further use the term, standing in the Russian science as ekivalent British "ionospheric heater").

In 1966, experts at the Institute of Penn State — a pioneer in the field of science — have built a 500-kilowatt nagrevny shield effective radiated power of 14 kW near the institute of the city. In 1983, the transmitter and the antenna array was moved from Colorado to Alaska in the area that 40 km east of Fairbanks.

The waves, which are then able to generate not represent practical interest, but the Air Force and the Navy sought funds for the creation of a larger ionospheric modulator — HAARP.

For a long time before pawned HAARP, the former Russian Union were built over a massive heating facilities than in the West, and in experiments on the effects of the ionosphere has been involved more and more scientists. Not so long ago, and the German Max Planck Institute built in Norway nagrevny gigawatt shield around Tromso. But HAARP is different from this and other boards of unusu
al composition of research tools to help you manage radiation, ranging from broadband coating, etc. The significant difference in the properties of boards based on the fact that the construction of HAARP provides the possibility of focusing the radiation in a narrow beam. At the time of the invention, the method Istlundom signal focusing phased array antenna best, which could achieve similar methods — is the level of one millionth of a watt per cubic centimeter at an altitude of about 100 km. But with the introduction of a full-size standard nagrevnogo shield Istlunda energy density can be achieved in one watt per cubic centimeter, ie, the amount of energy delivered is a million times more. Even hard to make comparisons between the layout settings and other nagrevnymi shields, and as the first stage of development Istlunda repeatedly even surpass any other similar shield on the level of concentration of energy. All other heating facility spray energy, and do not focus as HAARP

The future of HAARP

Project HAARP gallakticheskoy integral part of U.S. policy. In 1993, the Chief of Staff of the Air Force Gen. Merrill Mc Peak, speaking at a meeting of the US Space foundation, said that it is necessary to reconsider the point of view that the activity is prohibited on the deployment of offensive weapons in the near space. He stressed that the country needs to make new weapons systems that further enable it to keep control of gallakticheskoe place. The Air Force did not open that had them in mind, but argued: the creation of similar systems — the problem of rapid political, if techno.

Unknown HAARP

In 2000, on the occasion of the vote on the 2000 budget was created by the Rumsfeld Commission, at the time a member of the administrative board of Rand Corporation. For the "Rumsfeld Commission", space is the same military sphere, as well as land, air and sea. And it must be their troops, equivalent land, air force and navy. The United States should take this area and to prevent the penetration of any other nation. Because of this asymmetry, cash will be the undisputed military an advantage and limitless. "Rumsfeld Commission" has put forward 10 proposals:

Conclusion "Rumsfeld Commission" after "History is full of situations where fended off warnings and resisted change right before any incident that came from outside and before are considered" non-descript "not pushed indecisive bureaucrats. The question is this: Does the United States rather wisdom in order to behave reverently and faster as you can to lower their vulnerability from space. Or, as has happened in the past, the only event that can awaken the energy of Civilizations and the government of the United States to push for action, should be a devastating attack on our country and its people, "gallaktichesky Pearl Harbor."

http://www.haarp.alaska.edu www.x-libri.ru/elib/begmn000/index.htm

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