Haitians flinging water and mud after a storm Isaac

Tropical storm "Isaac" that hit the island of Haiti has led to flooding and landslides. The authorities claim that organized the evacuation of people to safer places. Not yet recovered from the 2010 earthquake, the advent of the disaster, people waited anxiously. Many still live in tents.

"Every time a storm comes, the area is flooded, the water destroys home, kills animals, destroys crops. Water is taken at all of us" — says local resident Jean Mintor Valn.

Residents of the home were trying to save their homes, scooping buckets of water and liquid mud. As a result of the hurricane, which was held in Haiti on Saturday, dozens of homes destroyed and another 300 damaged. Killed seven people, including a 10-year-old girl, to which the wall fell. Four people were injured.

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