Halkidiki — the perfect place for a family holiday

Halkidiki — one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Greece. The wonderful climate and clean clear sea, flora Peninsula made it a favorite destination of both the Greeks and tourists from around the world. Contributed to this pristine beauty of the peninsula, rich in history and hospitality of the local population.

Ideal Peninsula and for families.
Those who decide to come to rest in Halkidiki with children, will be something to entertain their kids. On the Peninsula Hotel fairly strong base, and each hotel made sure to relax in Halkidiki kids had something to do in your free sea bathing and sunbathing on the beach time. At hotels operate modern entertainment centers, where children are entertained with experienced animators. While the kids are having fun with animators, mom and dad can take a break from parenting and sit, for example, in an open-air café, appreciating light Greek cuisine and drinking a cool glass of local wine.

A favorite place for kids, resting in Halkidiki are exotic aquatic parks, where children and adults offers an array of water rides, slides and pools with artificial waves.

For teens, it will be interesting meeting with local historical sites. To do this, daily excursions to the white tower of XV century monument of Alexander the Great, to the Byzantine walls of the V century and the cave of Petralona, during the excavations which have been found the bones of ancient animals and skeletons and tools Neanderthals.

And of course the whole period of stay in Halkidiki to the guests — the unique sandy beach of about five hundred kilometers, bordered on one side of the transparent blue of the sea, and on the other — pines and olive groves.

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