Hate strangles Saakashvili as a tie

Hate strangles Saakashvili as a tie

Misha Saakashvili again "burst." "Tears" it often and usually not clear-cut, but now almost all of the stream of consciousness clarified. Mishiko summoned for himself in the presidential palace to students to tell them about his own fierce hatred of the Soviet Union. Why would all of a sudden? In 1-x, an excuse, it's not a "round": 22th anniversary of the dispersal of the rally in Tbilisi Russian troops. In-2, an occasion to talk about the "sore" for Saakashvili not required. According to the views known to those in the field of psychiatry, Otto Kernberg, "cognitive nuance hatred is acquired and measured. An important goal of man trapped by hatred, is the destruction of its own object-specific object of fantasy and unaccountable conscious derivatives of the object. At heart, the person needs and wants to object to it and just needs it and wants it destroyed. A similar characterological installation can proceed in the psychopathology of aggression. "

It is not clear? I will say easier. Mishiko long time and seriously ill — measured hatred of the Soviet Union and its "conscious derivative" — Russia. On the one hand, he is eager to erase their "fantasy" in the powder, on the other — to live without it can not. Hence — pathological anger, like a bull at all reddish. Earlier diagnosis Saakashvili accounted for only guess: the Georgian leader tried to read about their own emotions covertly, avoiding call a spade a spade. And there could not resist and gave his characterological setting: "I hate you!". He read for a long time that the Soviet Union was an "evil empire" that no one in the country could be free. At the same ailment in Mishiko Crown: family, is also resistant Macha Russian hostility to the Union. "As long as there is someone in Russian mind, it can not be free. I would argue that you (the assembled students) are the representatives of the generation that absolutely got rid of Russian mentality. We made the latest country to be the most successful in the region, and I am sure that the force that opposes us, certainly back down, as it was in Eastern Europe "- pathetic promised Saakashvili.

For sure, everything is as it would (with an unhealthy better not to argue) if it were not for the Jewish komplot, which, as you know, pohlesche-Soviet Russia. One of Israel's leading defense concerns "Elbit Maarahot" said in a special communique to the Tel Aviv and New York stock exchanges about the beginning of unprecedented trial. According to the statement, the Supreme Tribunal of England filed a lawsuit against the Georgian government in the amount of $ 100 million for failing to pay the bills.

Within the framework of the agreement concern raised Georgia 40 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) Hermes-450, with three drone has successfully shot down Russian army during the "five-day war" in 2008. A couple of days back the Israeli headquarters for the war on terror has brought Georgia to the list of countries that are not recommended to visit. Reason: just before the Tbilisi City tribunal sentenced to long prison terms Zeev Frenkel Israeli businessmen Roni Fuchs and accused of trying to bribe deputy Avtandil Haraidze money. In Israel, convinced that the case "sewn" snow-white threads to force traders to abandon a penalty of $ 100 million, which the Georgian government had to pay them.

Conclusion: Georgia — really brand new country that does not like an old debt. Because can not stand and resolutely gives up all the "past." Such is the pathology.

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