Hawaii promised double blow from the Japanese tsunami

The flow resulting from the tsunami. Screenshot of the site, which shows the model developed by scientists.In the near future to Hawaii twice hit the flow, carrying dirt and debris left after the tsunami in Japan. Such a conclusion is made by scientists from the International Pacific Research Center at the University of Hawaii, who modeled the motion of the flow. Work of experts is not published in a peer-reviewed journal. Brief study writes portal Hawaii News Now.

Scientists working under the direction of Russian Nikolay Maksimenko. Using satellite observations, as well as information received from 15,000 sensors floating, experts have tried to predict the moving stream, carrying the debris of trees, houses, and so on, washed away in the tsunami March 11, 2011.

As shown by the model developed by the authors, the first encounter with Hawaii will flow in two years (ie in 2013), and the second — in five years. See how the moves flow, it is possible here.

Tsunami, which led to many casualties and destruction that followed the quake a magnitude of at least 8.9, which occurred off the coast of Japan. One of the most serious consequences of the partial destruction of the nuclear power plant was "Fukushima", located on the coast.

Source: Lenta.ru.

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