Heatwave gripped Beijing

The temperature in Beijing rose to +36 ° C, marking the start of the second period, the heat this year. The municipal weather bureau warned the public about the risk of heat stroke. The heat started at the weekend, after a week of rain. On the first day of July, the temperature reached +35,3 ° C, and the humidity is set from 70 to 80%, which is typical of the mid-summer in Beijing.
Met Office predicted that heat and the next day, but the storm was expected to cool city. The first hot season this year in Beijing was in the middle of June, when the temperature rose to +37 ° C. During the day, the city is considered a normal temperature +31 ° C. Naivysochayshaya a mark of +42 ° C was observed in Beijing in 1999
Besides Beijing, so hot touches the south-eastern and south-western China. According to forecasts, the temperature reaches +38 ° C in the provinces of Hebei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and parts of Fujian. However, the south-western and central parts of China in the next three days will be covered by the rain.

Source: ecowars.tv.

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