Heavenly shield for the CIS

Heavenly shield for the CIS

In modern conditions of warfare noncontact air strikes are more effective method of destruction of manpower and equipment of the enemy, that was perfectly demonstrated during military operations conducted by the U.S. and NATO in Afghanistan, Iraq and continuing in Libya. To reflect similar attacks ever need air defenses. But since they are very expensive and in the former Soviet republics of these funds in the most part still Russian production, the obvious dependence on Russia CIS yavna. Russian Federation — the only one in the post-Soviet space, the government, in which the work on the modernization of the entire range of aircraft and anti-aircraft air defense missile systems, made in the USSR. Moscow also specifically design and mass produce new systems.

Evidence of the active work of the Russian military engineers in the development of defense systems were teaching at the site "Ashuluk" active phase of the exercises Sun member countries of the CIS United Air Defense System "Combat Commonwealth-2011" almost finished yesterday. Despite the fact that are participating in the exercises, not all countries that are part of this structure for the operations of the crews (from Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan) will constantly monitor the armed forces of 11 countries of the Commonwealth.

On the ground in the rank of observers arrived as representatives of Moldova and Azerbaijan, which are not members of the united air defense system of the CIS. A similar enthusiasm is completely understandable. OS CIS air defense — is, in fact, the only post-Soviet military-union coalition, which shows a constant capacity.

Of course, not the case last Saturday after a meeting of the Committee for the Coordination of defense issues in the Council of Ministers of the CIS Defence Commander Air Force and air defense forces of Belarus Major General S.Lemeshevsky said his country was considering purchasing in Russia advanced anti-aircraft missile system S- 400. On similar intentions representatives of Belarus stated many times before. Back in May of this year, Pavel Borodin, State Secretary of the Union Association RF and Belarus said that the question of supplies to Belarus advanced anti-aircraft missile systems development and production of the "Almaz-Antey" With-400 "Triumph" in the main been solved. After the failure of the negotiations between Moscow and NATO to develop a common missile defense system in Europe, which took place today in the summer, our home is now in practical terms, decides on the ability of the dislocation divisions With-400 Belarus.

Indirect evidence of similar goals is a formal statement of the representative of the Office of info, the press service of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation on Air Force V.Drika that in the exercise "Union Shield-2011", which started on September 16 and are held together Russia and Belarus will accept the role of cooked crews air defense, manned C-400. Peter Tikhon, the control of the General Staff of Belarus, opening a data plan maneuvers, said: "We are working in practice, the use of a single territorial air defense system, which then will be used not only for protection against airborne threats, and to provide cover for ground groups." Meanwhile, some official statements on the part of the Russian Federation on the probable transfer of the adjacent Belarus battalions of S-400 is not currently reported. At first, it appeared due to inconsistencies in RF for the complete set of S-400 systems of its own armed forces. Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said more than once on a need to build new plants for the production of missile defense systems. But the defense industry, of course, not sovladevaet with the task.

Meanwhile, certain obligations to supply air defense systems in the Russian Federation, apparently, is not just in front of Minsk. The coming allies RF — Armenia and Kazakhstan — are also expected to sign agreements for installation on its territory air defense systems S-300 and S-400.

In the words of Igor Korotchenko, director of the Center for Analysis of trading instruments in the world, at this point, "Almaz-Antey", "started the construction of 3 new plants for the production of a series of modern facilities and air defense systems." However, there is a logical question: when designated factories earn? According to the official representative of "Almaz-Antey" and the government, the introduction of new facilities for the production of air defense systems is expected no earlier than 2015.

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