Heaviest tornado in U.S. history (Christian Science Monitor, USA)

— King of a series of powerful and lasting tornado, had organized the defeat of the South this week, was, apparently, more than 220 miles through Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee, accompanied by winds of over 200 miles per hour. All this allows us to consider it the most powerful tornado in U.S. history.

The only competitor so far — it's Tri-State Tornado of 1925, which raced 219 miles across the Midwest, killing along the way, more than 700 people. This tornado was going at a speed of up to 73 miles per hour. Super Tornado Tuscaloosa, may not have reached such earthly speeds, but, combined with dozens of other EF-5 tornado, which could produce a storm on Wednesday, some aspects of the Tuscaloosa tornado and flash in general may be unprecedented.

Some 211 hurricanes have been recorded in a few hours on Wednesday, including a number of so-called long spout, turn over six states and ruined at least 350 people. The outbreak of tornadoes hurricanes Tuscaloosa, likely responsible for the majority of the 228 victims in Alabama: moving to the northeast after hitting the town of Tuscaloosa, he destroyed Pleasant Grove near Birmingham, and then walked across the district Cherokee, bulldoze homes in Spring Garden. Debris from Tuscaloosa was found for 178 miles in Rome (Ga.).

Experts tornado still not clear whether all of this was the distance one tornado or it is scattered and converted into separate tornadoes on the way from the central plains to the foothills of the Appalachian Alabama.

Thanks to the improved forecasting and better warning system, the annual number of victims of tornadoes has steadily decreased, reaching an average of 62 per year in 2000 — 2009. But even with such progress compared with 1925 the year when most predictions are made on the eye and the barometer, the high mortality rate from a hurricane indicates the length of its path, which was densely populated areas, as well as its ferocity.

"The truth is that even if you have done everything you were supposed to do when you're not in an underground bunker, you have no chance to survive," — told The New York Times, James Span (James Spann) from the ABC affiliate in Birmingham ( Alabama).

EF-5 tornadoes are rare — on average once every four years. While only one tornado last week — the one that struck Smithville (Miss.) — classified as an EF-5, the first tornado of this strength, a blow to the state magnolias. But experts expect tornado additional indicators, while authorities assess strength of the storm through the debris field of expertise. On a scale of tornadoes, F4 and F5 are the most intense, based on the damage caused by the passage of man-made structures.

The sheer number of tornadoes from a storm front can also be unprecedented. If the expected number of tornadoes — 211 — is confirmed, it was far ahead of the previous modern record 148 confirmed tornadoes during "Supervspyshki" in 1974, which killed 308 people in the U.S. and Canada.

Original publication: South's 'super tornado' outbreak may be worst ever in US history

Posted on: 30/04/2011 13:51

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