Heavy rain flooded several districts of Istanbul

Heavy rain flooded the European part of Istanbul, passed on Wednesday, Turkish media.

Water flooded the first floors of homes and offices in several parts of the metropolis. Municipal sewerage system can not cope with the volume of runoff, passersby are forced to the streets in-the water, reports CNN Turk.

Affected by heavy rains and western Asian part of Turkey. According to the channel NTV, on the islands of the western region of Turkey Balikesir torrential rain triggered landslides and mudflow that have caused much damage.

The city Kirklareli three people died, hundreds of homes were flooded with water, according to the website of the newspaper "Milliyet".

The body of 93-year-old Zahra Demirel found relatives in her own home, filled with water. "We waited 5-6 hours of arrival rescue helicopter … made his way to the house of the parents, on the road saw the boy in the electric pole. He was already dead …" — quoted an eyewitness account "Milliyet".

Meteorological Services Turkey declared a storm warning for the north-western areas of the country. According to forecasts of the Turkish forecasters, rain in these areas continues, the wind speed is 30-50 m / s, according to the website of the General Directorate of Meteorology Istanbul.

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