Heavy rains in the Philippines

In the Philippines, for several days of heavy rain did not stop. In some areas of the country rainfall exceeds 50 mm per day, that is more than fifty liters of water per square meter of surface. In the past day maximum rainfall recorded at the station Baguio — 100 mm heavenly moisture. As a result, there were rain floods, which affected more than 600,000 people. Brunt of the disaster hit the south of the archipelago — the island of Mindanao. In one of the largest town of the island — Katabato under water was more than 90% of the territory.

More than 600 thousand Filipinos affected by floods

JAKARTA, June 17 — RIA Novosti, Mikhail Tsyganov. More than 611,000 Filipinos affected by the floods in the northern and central parts of the southern island of Mindanao due to last for three weeks last torrential rains, reported Friday on the website of the newspaper Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Floods caused losses of over $ 400 million Philippine pesos (about 9.2 million), and resulted in the deaths of five people, according to a recent report of the National Council on disaster risk reduction (NSSRSB) Philippines.

Particularly difficult situation at that time there was one of the largest in the island city of Cotabato, about 90% of which is under water.

"We urge the central government to help us," — said one of the directors of the Office of Disaster Management of Sam Mundas (Sam Mundas).

Source: RIA Novosti

Source: meteonovosti.ru.

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