Heavy seasonal rains cause floods in some parts of China, 105 dead

June 14, 2011BEIJING
China has experienced heavy rains, forcing the evacuation of more than 55,000 people. State media said last Tuesday that there is a warning of further downpours. Most evacuations were in Xianning city in central Hubei province, Xinhua news agency said, citing local authorities. China said on Monday that the number of people confirmed killed in more than a week floods and landslides caused by heavy rain jumped to 100. Some of the worst affected areas, which have only recently been through a severe drought, but Xinhua said unrelenting rain is forecast to last until Friday. China is hit by heavy summer rain each year. In 2010, heavy rains across large swaths of the nation has caused severe flooding in a decade, leaving more than 4,300 people dead or missing. —AFP

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