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* 01/26/11 * As reported by "Bulletin", the morning of the 14th of January in Krivoy Rog were recorded tremors 3.9 points. This was a complete surprise to seismologists, even at the nearest seismic station to the city in the Crimea. Prof. Dr. Bella Pustovitenko, for example, questioned whether it was a purely natural phenomenon.

Tremors could not be natural and artificial origin caused by long-term activity of industrial facilities, that is mining. Despite differences of opinion, one experts said firmly: the earthquake could not have happened as a result of blasting. In Krivoy Rog terupravleniya State Service of Mining Supervision and Industrial Safety of Ukraine also confirmed that on January 14 in Krivbass were only two explosions, the power of which could cause such notable variations.
What Kryvbas shakes regularly, it is not a secret. The secret to another — why and why not? Around it appears that we are some local earthquake — that the thorns, the Saksahan area as the last time, then somewhere else. In this case, the last few years were only one caving exit funnel to the surface — in the mine Ordzhonikidze. But then — a consequence of mass explosion. Before that, as a fixed sufficiently powerful tremors caused by, the assurances of officials, were not blasting. That is not an earthquake, and explosions. But what of that?

Officials — experts and officials — hard krivorozhan assure that the city is on a powerful single block (the platform), the explosions in mines and quarries can not shake it, and the formation of craters expected. As for the latter — that, yes, yes: on January 18, four days after the earthquake, in Tehbazy, in the area of collapse, there is a new hopper (see photo). This is how it informs the acting chief engineer of the mine office for underground mining ores by JSC "ArcelorMittal Krivoy Rog" Sergei Zhevelo:

"On January 18, 2011 with the quarterly reviews of the state of shear zones of underground mining at the horizon 1045 m mine office on the underground ore production of JSC" Mittal Steel Krivoy Rog "revealed the formation of a new crater 200 meters from the old crater, formed in 1985. Dimensions of the new crater 50 to 70 m, depth — 20 m crater formed in the project area voronkoobrazovaniya mine office. At the annual instrumental observations specialized laboratory research surveying laboratory (NIML) of "Sukha Balka" since 2006 at this location predicted crater formation during the next five years. At the moment, the project area is fenced displacement. "

The old crater size 220 by 250 meters and a depth of 100 m is located 700 meters from the highway Tehbaza — Cemetery "West". New — in 550 meters. As Oleg Cherednichenko until January 18 explosions have been conducted. But at a meeting on January 19, representatives AMKR, KZHRK, four leading institutions of the city have not expressed concern that under the current road Tehbaza — Cemetery "West" may be one more new crater. However, experts admit that possibility Nigro. Therefore, a commission, which will investigate the issue, and observations.

"Bulletin" asked for comments to Oleg CHEREDNICHENKO:

— Could the 14th of January to be the collapse of the chamber without going to the surface and the formation of the crater?

— Of course. But we can not control. Approaches to them isolated.

— That is, you can not deny it?

— Of course. And the amount of the cleaning space where the ore was chosen as a result of the collapse of backs with the rate of loosening prevents funnel come to the surface. But perhaps education funnel.

And then, after all this, and remembering the phrase "such shocks in our territory happen often, but they are not dangerous," Let me make a conclusion if you do not, then the hypothesis. Krivoy Rog is not so much shock blasting in mines and quarries, rather than natural earthquakes as caving in voids without forming craters.

To confirm or deny my assumption, I asked the chief NIML "Dry Beams" Alexander Monakhov.

— The earthquake on January 14 is not related to mining, — says Alexander Leonidovich. — Its epicenter was located near Iskrovki, recorded at a depth of 5000 meters, the force 3.9 points. But it could well provoke a collapse and the formation of the crater on January 18. Crater appeared in the project area voronkoobrazovaniya, in the area of subsidence from underground mining at the horizon 1045 meters. This process is expected. The funnel is small but will expand.

— This is the last "predicted" a similar case, or should we expect new funnels?

— Funnels, we would go out and leave. And the "October", and Frunze, and "Jubilee", and in the Central City area — everywhere. When the funnel come to the surface — it is only God knows. Funnel goes depending on the parameters and the depth of the void. Its formation can be triggered by an earthquake.

— And on January 18, could have been the collapse of the chamber and without going to the surface?

— Absolutely. The greater the depth, the longer the process of collapse chambers and arches, the longer the funnel reaches the surface. Funnel can get today, and three thousand years, as it was in the center of London. There, under the collapsed area of the cave, in which three thousand years ago, people lived.

— So what did happen on the 14th, and then on January 18, in Krivoy Rog?

— Was the 14th earthquake, or is the military "indulge", I do not know. I can firmly say only one thing: the reason was out of town. A similar incident occurred three years ago. The epicenter of the earthquake, also force 3.9 points and also at a depth of 5000 meters, which residents felt Tarnovo district on December 25, 2007, was out of town, in a place where there is no mining. This so-called deep footwall. Overturning can shake us, as it was recently. We have such voids, which in the future can cause minor earthquakes. But these so-called man-made earthquake, typically less than 5 points. This is not dangerous.

By the way

After last year's two resonant dips soil — in June at mine them. Ordzhonikidze and August near Central City market — the problem of underground voids Kryvbas on December 10, 2010 in Krivoy Rog said Board on the meeting of the State Committee for Industrial Safety, Labour Protection and Mining Supervision (on the same day, as we know, by presidential decree, it functions now the State Service of Mining Supervision and Industrial Safety and the State Inspectorate of technological security). After a meeting of the Board, it was stated in particular that are particularly dangerous areas of mining leases mines abandoned during the first half of the last century, and that information about the location of these voids are not.

However, the Board, among other things, wrote in her decision, and this point: "The leaders of the existing enterprises should immediately exclude the possibility of people and equipment in hazardous areas, derived from mining operations." But if "the information is not available", what should enclose? Or is it known, but were not ordered to disclose?

This is not an idle question, because in 2011, should be completed extensive work to develop a new master plan for the city. The new mayor Yuri Vilkul said after the budget session of the City Council in December last year that the work is going. Including on the creation of maps of all the voids under the city — as without this build? And the head of the State Service terupravleniya Krivoy Rog Mining Mining Supervision and Industrial Safety Cherednichenko Oleg says that work on the card voids finish this year. Working on it, as has been reported, the Research Institute of Mining (Nigro), State Project Institute "Krivbassproject" together with the Scientific and Production Enterprise "Krivbassakademinvest." More precisely, they will develop a "program for creating GIS observation of mine workings and voids Krivbass to predict human events." Hence, an accurate map of voids will be this year?

Hardly. Together as reported by many news services authorities in the field immediately after the said Board, now "to address the problem of underground voids Krivbass proposed target state program to 2015." Not of 2011, and the 2015-th? But then either Kryvyi Rih and other institutions of the state budget for the money five years will perform in one year or in the year of the General Plan of the city due to lack of card voids we do not see as their ears.

Oleg Pavlov.

Herald Krivbass

Shaking, shaking, shaking, and will

* 1/19/11 * In the morning of the 14th Krivoy Rog shaken by an earthquake measuring 3.9 points. There were no casualties or damage. Home stand, the ground no one left. Bes panic in people is not settled, although the effects of the shock felt by many. And the classic question "sho Tse Bulo?" Sounded often just the classic "Mabuchi, a UFO." However, in the extraterrestrial origin "tsogo" few believed. "This is the work of the earth, and the hands of man" — says some experts. And if time does not give a rap on the knuckles, one day over a great tragedy.

A ripping good story

Of course, Krivoy Rog — not Japan, which shakes almost daily. Mountain ranges, which occur near the devastating earthquake of us are hundreds of miles away. However, its seysmoistoriyu our city already has. Suffice it to recall the second in March 1977. Then, too, rang dishes, walked the floor shaking, on the upper floors feel the vibrations. It was an echo of the strongest Romanian earthquake, its aftershocks were felt almost throughout the European part of the USSR.

Staronovogodnee current "view" was of a local nature. Next Sophievka or same Apostolovo no noticeable fluctuations earth's surface were reported. Silent on that day and the central media, except for some online agencies, which gave more reason to talk about the artificial origin of the earthquake. Simply put, pushing (or push) triggered explosions in mines or GOKs. Clumsy attempts of various authorities explain that this is not the case, that the explosions in the mines do not cause such a powerful jolt, only strengthened this very hypothesis.

By the way, we have something similar has happened in December 2007. Then the seismic also recorded a 4-point ground motion in Krivoy Rog, and also the nature of this phenomenon remains a mystery. However, some experts are already associated terrestrial seismic activity underway in Krivbass by mining. And in general — it turned out that we were shaking regularly. At least, so said the press officer of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Branch MOE Vyacheslav Lahno in an interview with a Kiev newspaper:

— Our region "shakes" up to five times a year. But these jerks do not exceed 3 points. For people such jerks at all noticeable. They can not be a cause of some accidents or crashes. Therefore, in the Dnipropetrovsk region no seismological centers or stations. All data about a particular earthquake in our region we get from other areas — Odessa, Kharkov and Crimea. As for high-rise buildings, after the Tashkent earthquake (1966) in the Soviet Union began to build high-rise buildings that stand, and 7-point oscillations ", — assured Mr. Lahno and asks citizens not to panic.

He, of course, in Dnipropetrovsk know better, what we have here is in Krivoy Rog. But the thing is that last push krivorozhane just noticed and very experienced. And the question is, What was the reason, is not idle. Still fresh memories of the "failures" Accident at mine them. Ordzhonikidze, after which it became clear that the city is on the voids.

But we were warned

In this regard lyubolpytno that Head of General Geology Krivoy Rog Technical University Professor Igor PARANKO in August of 2008, drew far rosier future for our city. As stated by Professor then, irregular crystal structure of the rocks under the Krivoy Rog is even more precarious because of the many man-made cavities in place of used mines.

"First, the crystal block, which was built Krivoy Rog, heterogeneous, and secondly, the available layers are composed of soft rock, thirdly, there are voids of different origin, — stated the expert. — As a result of displacement might be broken soft sediments or man-made earthquake. "

Initiate a disaster, warned Igor Paranko can blasting in the area of man-made cavities. "When blasting seismic waves are generated by one-off, resulting in the deformation of the rocks, the formation of new cracks technogenic nature, destroys the natural, — said the professor. — Throw in old mines, increasingly deepening the existing trunks and "funnel" quarries. In general, we have a complete imbalance in the geological system. "

Plus, is a significant risk as slurry pits and ponds of liquid waste, a large number of which surrounds the city. "The total weight of all the Krivoy Rog storage is about six billion tons, — said Igor Paranko. — If there is more pressure on one of the flanks of the docked at the site of geological units, there can be a strain spanning the dam. The result will be a strong bias mudflow man-made stream. "

Does anyone pay attention to the warnings when a scientist? No one seems to.

With demand oligarch short

In general, the impression is that the true cause of the incident are trying to hide carefully. Initially claimed that no explosions in mines Krivbass morning January 14 were not made. Then it turned out that they were the same — just two, and one of them all in the same mine them. Ordzhonikidze. We began to explain that they were such a small capacity, that no mouse is not moved. Why the secrecy?

We do not really know what's going on Krivoy Rog enterprises. Managers and owners locked the deaf community veil. Call it all the inviolability of private property, trade secrets, etc. Do the same to mine the necessary measures to developed horizons, being there some work to fill voids or in the pursuit of profit at it just gave up? If so, why regulatory authorities not to revoke the license for mining, not suspend the operation of mines, etc. etc.

The impression is that the majority owner of Krivoy Rog mines is "purple," which occurs in Krivoy Rog. They are far from it, as a deputy of the voter. Of course, they will be uncomfortable if our city suddenly go under the earth — of its assets have to delete a few billion. But they will quickly restore them. But Krivoy Rog will be no one to recover. And not necessary.

Sergei Kapustin.

"Bulletin Krivbass"

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