Hiding place in the tomb of an Egyptian princess

The team of Czech and Egyptian archaeologists continued excavations at the newly discovered tomb of ancient Egyptian princess.
A few days ago, scientists stumbled upon a cache which were the statues of the Old Kingdom. They are considered the best of its kind.
Four sarcophagi and statues have already been sent to the nearby storage facility for examination.

Watch Secret in the tomb of an Egyptian princess

[Miroslav Barta, an archaeologist from the Czech Republic]
"The statues are important for two reasons: first — it is their masterful performance, the second — is that they represent a very large new layer of history of the Old Kingdom."

The finds were made in the ancient necropolis at Saqqara, where the famous step pyramid.

Last week, there was found the tomb of age 4500 years, which was the tomb of Princess Nebti chert, and several other high-ranking officials.

[Miroslav Barta, an archaeologist from the Czech Republic]
"The excavations are not finished yet, but we have already discovered this unique columned courtyard with four columns. Initially, there was a roof over them. The columns written that chert Nebti belonged to the royal family. "

In addition to this well-preserved tomb of an official named Nefer. It is unique in its passage, which, according to archaeologists, served as a symbolic gateway to the underworld.

[Hamdi Amin, the chief inspector of North Saqqara]
"This season we have found many treasures nine intact statues, white stones, well-preserved color. Now they are parked Saqqara. Here we have a great field for the new activity. We believe that the Abusir — is untouched place that holds many secrets. "

Archaeologists hope the new findings will remind travelers about unique and still a little acquainted with grief heritage of ancient Egypt.


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