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12.08.11.Gruppa of U.S. scientists has developed a revolutionary device that allows you to monitor the condition of the heart and brain, according to BBC News.

The researchers hope that their invention could replace a lot of bulky equipment used in modern hospitals. The results of these experiments were published in the journal Science.

It is a chip thinner than a human hair, which looks like a temporary tattoo and can move with the skin or going to fold. The designed device runs on solar power, which can produce energy.

The sensor is mounted on the surface of the water-soluble, so it can be applied to the skin like a temporary tattoo. In a study conducted by scientists, the device measures the electrical activity of the feet, heart and brain. It turned out that "tattoo" gives results almost identical to those obtained from modern medical devices.

The researchers believe that the technology could replace machines with lots of cables and wires — it is much smaller and more convenient to them. By "Tattoo" will be easy to monitor the state of premature infants or people with poor airway during sleep, as they do not have to be connected with wires. "If we want to understand how the brain functions in a natural environment, this device will replace our experiments in the laboratory. And this is easier to do with a device that is not visible to the patient, "- said Todd Coleman (Todd Coleman), professor at the University of Illinois (University of Illinois), United States, and one of the study's authors.

"Around the World" that last year students at Ben-Gurion (Ben-Gurion University) in the Negev, Israel, have developed an optical radar system that helps blind people avoid obstacles. The system consists of a computer, two video cameras and a scanning light source. The existence of barriers to the system warns blind users beep.

And in 2007, the Spanish company Sabiobbi invented DNA biochip, which analyzes the most significant changes occurring in the body of athletes, it helps prevent extreme loads and should reduce the number of deaths during training and competitions.


Source: Round the world

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