Holidays with children

Holidays with children.  Photo from

In some families decided that the parents went on vacation to a resort, and the children were staying with her grandmother, and in the best case in the country, in the village, at worst — in a city apartment. Of course, parents the same people and have the right to recreation, who would argue. But consider this: Is it worth the sacrifice fashionable resort? Parting with the parents for the children is always stressful, and if it was not yet three years old, this stress is particularly strong. It's too strong emotional bond with her mother crumbs, he literally live without it can not. Perhaps it is worth to take the baby with you?

After all, even a baby does not necessarily have to be a heavy burden for you during your stay. The most important — all in advance consider and the right to organize.

Carefully consider the list of needed items and medicines that may be needed for your child.

It does not matter in the long run, what kind of transportation you choose — either way you have to fidget to spend a few hours (and sometimes — and nights) in a small confined space car, coupe or aircraft. And if grown-up enough for a comfortable stay of action-detective, the lessons for the child you have consider advance.

By the way, if you're not lucky with the weather, we advise you games that are fun to play with not only children but also adults. Who knows, perhaps it is these moments then with great pleasure and warmth will be remembered for your grown up sons and daughters?

But for various reasons, not every time the whole family can go on a long journey. What is left? Again, "rustic link"? How to make recreation the country interesting and memorable? Or discover the secrets of nature kid with simple but effective experiment? Opportunities — weight range — for you!

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