Horses burned to death!


In Nizhny Novgorod, where the second week of struggling with African swine fever, started prosecutor's check into the ill-treatment of animals. In one of the horse-breeding farm veterinarians, disinfected and burned horses. According to eyewitnesses, the animals have entered is too small dose of sleeping pills, they burned to death in terrible agony.

ReportNTV correspondent Vitaly Kalugin.

In place of a horse farm Dzerzhinsk — wasteland. The smell of chlorine is carried per kilometer, the area surrounded, measures are being taken to eradicate African swine fever. Veterinary officer rush to journalists as if he were infected with plague.

In the village of quarantine and strict ban on trade in pork. Installing hard: according to instructions, diseased pigs euthanized and incinerated. But this time it was not just sick pigs, and healthy animals. A week ago, veterinarians have come to the stable owner Alexander Ivanov and ordered to open the shed.

Alexander Ivanov, horse farm owner: "They said to put all under the knife. Do not put down, and it was under the knife. We will remove all and burn easily. "

Vets with 20 pigs have decided to destroy even the horses from the neighboring farm. Without any regard for the ethical and moral standards of the four horses and two horses with foals burned in front of the villagers.

Children crying, women fainted. To veterinarians and police officers guarding their general impressions are not made hysterical. About the article about the animal cruelty law enforcement no remembered. The professionalism of veterinarians was no question at all.

A local woman: "Living burned, alive! Though lulled to. Live burn! Show you all the shots? I was on the "fast" was taken away. My horses were burned alive, not even put to sleep. They get up in the fire! "

According to witnesses, the site of horses taken out one by one. Under the rules of recycling, veterinarians had to bring the animals the necessary dose of sleeping pills, but the drug is not enough, and it so happened that right out of the fire still alive horses jumped the buck.

Biologists say that horses are just mechanical vectors strains but swine plague can not hurt. To ensure security in the area, it was necessary to conduct a set of measures — to ensure the transport of animals by special transport, disinfect stables, do laboratory research. But all this would take time and money.

Veterinarians enrolled in accordance with the decree to hold the governor bloodless slaughter method and destroy livestock by burning on the land in the hearth.

Yevgeny Kolobov, chairman of the State Supervision veterinarskogo Nizhny Novgorod region, "choice but eliminate horses, we did not have. That is, efforts and resources on what to go for some other way, we just have not found. "

The market value of a tribal horse comes up to one million rubles. Stables hosts led to the veterinary service documents burned horses. The regional authorities have provided compensation. The money should have been issued on the spot and immediately. To date, for culled animals have not paid a penny.

Horse farm owners appealed to the Prosecutor's Office to open a criminal investigation. Stable was a popular place for people riding rolled children. In the next few days in the country are planning to hold a mass protest.

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