Hot rain in Saudi Arabia

June 8. The inhabitants of Mecca, Saudi Arabia got an incredible climatic surprise. They witnessed how the 45-gadusnaya heat abruptly gave way to heavy rain and thunderstorms. The most amazing thing is that the temperature of the air continued to be prohibitively high, especially for rain. The air is not cooled below +43 ° C, and its moisture content was held at nearly 18%.

That there was such an anomaly, needs front with high atmospheric pressure, able to keep rain clouds. In this case, the occurrence of hot rain has affected the sea breeze caused the coast of the Red Sea and flown inland to 71 km. He brought the moisture pressure rose in the higher layers of the atmosphere, having to heat up, and fell as rain, more like a warm shower. Flying from the clouds to the ground about 100 seconds, the drops had to warm to near 40 degrees.

According to one of climatologists, temperature measured in Mecca in the rain, was the highest in the history of recording. Something similar happened in the city of Marrakech, Morocco, July 10, 2010. Then the thermometer showed a +43 ° C, with the humidity was 14%. Later, the temperature dropped to an hour +32,7 ° C.

In addition, June 2, 2012 in Mecca set a new temperature record. It was +51.4 ° C (124.5 ° F), and was only 0.6 ° C lower than the overall record for the country (Jeddah, June 20, 2010). Scientists earnestly suggest that a warmer planet on rain with water temperature up to +47 ° C will be possible in the desert regions of North Africa and the Middle East.



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