Houdini trick declassified American




The organizers of the exhibition in advance warn those who do not want to know the secrets
Illusionists excited: Museum of Appleton, Wisconsin, gives the secret "Metamorphosis," one of the most famous tricks of the great Harry Houdini.
In the course of the show Houdini, handcuffed, placed in a sack and locked in a wooden box, magically switched places with his assistant, who was standing next to the correct box in the arena.

Some members of the so-called Magic Circle Museum decision infuriated. Among the discontented even such world stars as illusionist David Copperfield, and the duo of magicians Penn and Teller.

"Illusionists take it to heart — says Ronald (aka" Rondine "Lindberg.) — Museum of doing wrong."

However, the curator of the institution Kimberly Lujo disagrees. "We do not think that we have something to stripping, because this information and so can be found, — she says. — Telling people how to do the trick, we only give them a deeper understanding of who was Houdini."

The exhibition, entitled "Also known as Houdini" are 38 artifacts, 190 documents and some of the things that he used in his performances — handcuffs, lock picks, straitjacket and … a small prison cell.

Eric Weiss — Harry Houdini later — was born in Budapest

One part of the exhibition focuses on how to actually do the miraculous manipulation of the great magician.

At the entrance — sign, warning visitors not to enter if they do not want to know how Houdini achieved his.

Eric Weiss was born in 1874 in Budapest, in a family of Hungarian Jews, his father was a rabbi. When Eric was four years old, his parents moved to America in Appleton, and lived there for four years.

Weiss died October 31, 1926, in All Saints' Day. Then — under the name of Harry Houdini — the whole world knew it. But he died just from appendicitis.

If you do not want to know the secret of "Metamorphosis", read no further!

In the stunt "Metamorphosis" was used a device known as a chest-snag: it was a hidden panel behind which people can hide.

Freed from the bag in which he was involved, Houdini was chosen out of the chest through a secret door and hid behind the curtain on all fours, she held assistant.

Then he changed places with her, she dived into the box, and he lowered the curtain. Op-la — before you the great Harry Houdini!

And after that, assistant also chosen from the trunk, but in a different outfit.

Complete conversion!

Naturally, this only looks easy. In fact, Eric Weiss entire life torturing his body exercise, which run under force, perhaps, only to yogis. And, of course, he spent days on end in the tying and loosing all kinds of knots, opening locks, which would be the envy and safe deposit boxes …


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