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Healer should be able to focus energy on the tips paltsev.Obozrevatel "AIF" spent two weeks in the village of Philippine "faith healers"

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In the previous part of the browser "AIF" hilerskoy living in the countryside, trying to master the skill of "faith healers" by Neves Gonzalez (female healer) and Ricardo Calma. After futile attempts to teach our people to wash with boiling oil, to enter the astral plane and cause the trans through the Bible it was decided to allow the operation, in order to understand whether he could learn at least something. And that's what came out of it …

Lesson fraud
The next day in the waiting room crowded with patients Neves again. The first resulted in a girl of eight years — much stomach ache. Hilersha brings me to the table, takes a tenacious shoulders and with a couple of minutes looking at the face of unblinking eyes — trying to enter a trance. Does not work. Waving his hand at me, she habitually begins to read prayers. Soon, again looking at the space unseeing proteins, she sets to work. I click the camera, standing practically next door. Suddenly Neves missing my hand and poke into the body of the child, in a recess under the chest, where it is already in hand, I feel something very hot (almost to the point of boiling, it burns), instinctively pulls back the fingers are covered in blood. Hilersha does not seem to see my reaction, continuing to remove the oily clots from the girls. The child is not crying, but smiling.

Rule number three
VERY often hilerskie abilities are inherited. My mother — a former doctor, and that's why Neves and Ricardo agreed to deal with me. People with a family doctor were often open hilerskie ability, if they learn self-hypnosis. In the meantime, the Philippines, there are three well-known dynasty of healers. The downside is that with each generation weaken the ability of healing, because the children are no longer as strong energy as their parents.

— You should not be upset — explains Ricardo for the evening reading the Bible (they Neves from it, it seems, does not come off). — The fingers you were next to Neves, the skin cells but they were not able to push, you have not been in a trance as she is. Do not worry.

— I'm not upset. For a week and play cards do not learn properly.

— But you can learn how to cheat. Lots of people who claim to be healers perceive these tricks for the month. Look here (Ricardo takes his hand a piece of half-baked meat dishes) — I take it and clamp the smallest finger — the little finger, to which no one pays attention. One-two — and I pull it from the inside of the body. So be sure to keep an eye during the operation of the hands healer, they should be fully open. If one finger is bent — a wholly-owned scam. By the way, quite a few fake healers — from former pickpockets know what sleight of hand. And in the last century bogus healers were mostly of a traveling circus. However, when they were caught in the hype, then immediately killed.

— And you, what he has learned where such things?

Ricardo pretends not to hear the question again shut down and read a prayer. I sigh and open the holy book.

Pass through the skin
By the end of the week I already know by heart a few pages of the Bible, including the conversion to God for healing. And in fact, if you repeat them a couple of hours of endless, achieved a trance state of the surface, detachment from everything else. Healers easily included in the same mood for two minutes, the Bible for them — as a signal to "sleep" for the hypnotized person, they automatically reach the hypnotic state, starting to read the usual prayers, though, and it turns out it's not at all. The rest of the exam healer I fall under all programs — not I wash in boiling oil, emit light, dipped his hands into the body of the patient, concentrate energy in the fingertips. Ricardo waved his hand, but not so calm Neves — my continuous failure in study it is simply enraged.

— You do not know how to shut down. You know, when I operate, I do not think — I will or not. I'm in a trance and just extend my hand, not seeing much, groping at random. And I do not know, I will pass your fingers through the flesh or not, at this point I do not feel anything, and in front of my eyes blurred, but my head is nothing but prayers. When you want to take something in the water, you reaches out and take without thinking about anything. Similarly, you can remove the stone from the kidney, if will be going to touch it with the same mood as the touch stone in the water. Sometimes I have a problem, my fingers are not pushing the skin, and then — you saw — they begin to pour in from sparks, because the energy does not find out.

Ricardo was not so categorical. He believes that the north of the Philippine island of Luzon — a "land of God's blessing," which is why some of the locals open healing abilities. He traveled to Brazil and Mexico to learn the ability of local Native American medicine men — those with a scalpel and operate without anesthesia, but … entranced patients do not feel pain. Lived for a year, attended a hundred operations, but did not learn — "I do not belong to the land, the local spirits did not accept me. But I tried — just as you are. "

In good faith by visiting a dozen operations, by the end of the second week I finally realized — a healer I can never be, for my ability to remain at zero. Neves, though (probably out of pity), said that I studied well, and maybe I should have come a couple of times in order to determine their potential. But here's one hilersha was exactly right, saying at the beginning: "If you do not believe me, how can I help you?" And I, as befits a journalist, a natural skeptic, I try the doubts in the wonderful abilities of the healers. Although many of the things that I saw, I was, frankly, just hit, but I always reserve the right to question — because magician Copperfield can not yet such things prodelyvat. When going back to Manila, I thought it might be, and the truth will come here again — at least to go to the astral plane. Because if so I was not destined to become a healer, then at least I have a chance to eclipse, for example, Baskov. Suddenly, under hypnosis, it turns out that I can sing opera?

PART healers operations conducted under the supervision of medical councils in Zurich and London, and has proven his ability. But such a minority. Most of these tests could not stand, and some of these people had been arrested for fraud, including the former mayor of the city of Baguio, Mr. Labo, who was arrested in Moscow five years ago. Only in the Philippines, there are about thousands of healers. How many of them actually help people, and how many just extort money, it's only God knows.

In the next issue of the "AIF" read the report from the ending of the Philippines — "Recipes from the famous healers of longevity."

George Zotov, Alaminos — Baguio City — Moscow

AIF 21.2004 26.05.2004

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