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Browser "AIF" two weeks he lived in the village of Philippine "faith healers."
PUBLICATION last spring in three issues of "AIF" report from the operating table Filipino healers — "faith healers", for many years engaged on a unique operation with bare hands, penetrating into the patient's body without the aid of a scalpel, provoked an unprecedented response. Thousands of readers' letters, hundreds of calls, including central TV channels — all this shows that alternative medicine to distant islands in Southeast Asia, which in Russia in full say in the last 15 years, is still in the spotlight. All this year the editors rained non-stop requests to continue reporting from the Philippines, and to ignore them "AIF" I could not. In late February from a trip back to Manila columnist "Arguments and Facts", which spent two weeks in hilerskoy village between the towns of Alaminos and Baguio, observing daily life and work of healers and completing the task wording — to try to learn something from their mysterious powers.

Treatment of the Dead
San Jose Village, located in the suburbs of the city of Alaminos severofilippinskogo, known in the area that are working there just two healers — Ricardo Calma and Neves Gonzalez, one of the few female healers. In her house, and we came to the secretary of the Association of Healers Melvin Salviorom because, before taking an apprentice, she wanted to talk to me. The conversation immediately began with criticism: Neves puzzled me the first question is — how long have I been in a church. The answer, that he had been a friend to the baptism of his daughter three years ago, it was not pleasant. The following answer to the question — when I was at the doctor — liked even less. Neves jumped up from his chair and began to run in circles.

— That's strange people! To God and to the doctors often have to handle, and not by traditional healers to run. Start up your health, and then, when things are bad, run to the healer. Why not think about it before — drink herbs, to a regime of the day, quit smoking, go to church on Sunday? Constantly come up to me and say I do not believe in God but you made me whole, and the sooner the better. To which I reply, wondering if you do not believe in God, then how can you believe in me?

At Neves by local standards, a big experience — it became a healer in 17 years. Prior to that, has been growing at a very believing peasant family. One day (she was then seven more are under) seen in church on Sunday a woman, who asked God to save her from a terrible headache. Obey some strange impulse, the girl came over and put her hands on the head of a woman — the pain was gone. Since then treated Neves touch, and then became a "faith healer" and begin to do so-called "surgery without a knife." Hilersha moves on crutches in her paralyzed leg — it happened in the day when she discovered her gift of healing people. Injuries and illnesses are considered the hallmark of the Filipino healers — There is a popular belief that for the ability to heal God takes away their portion of health. Therefore, ALL healers some problems, and some even cancer. Neves knew one such, to heal the patients already in the last stage — he recently died. Thus, perfectly healthy people can not become healers. Just as those who devote enough time prayers.

— If you do not pray every day and not think about the Lord, you do not enter into the astral plane can. I was taught to pray in the two and a half years, and I was baptized before I put in my mouth a piece of bread. At the very least, read the Bible — it has to be learned.

Current under hypnosis

The idea is that a healer can be any religious person, not just someone who believes in Jesus Christ. For example, on the Philippine island of Mindanao, populated by Muslims, too, have a healer, which makes the operation in the name of Allah. Abilities it opened ten years ago, when he shall begin to live a serious wound received by his mother, in just one hour, putting his hand to the bloody flesh. Similarly, in the Philippines there are a healer, a Hindu (he methods associated with yoga — deep meditation until "full fly"), and a Chinese healer, a widely used herb. However, the latter do not like, because it takes too much money for his help — he treated only the rich.

Hilersha itself, though he knows the Scriptures by heart, still shtudiruet it every day. In the astral plane, that is, in a trance, flows easily — after the first page she rolled her eyes, only the whites visible. However, for local, there is nothing surprising — in "holy trance" in the Philippines fall on every religious festival dozens of people: it is believed that at this point they say the holy mouth, and some on the hands and feet appear bleeding stigma — the wounds of Christ. When the moment of self-hypnosis Neves touches the patient from her hand drive forward current, and the patient feels or cold or fever. Despite the patient's face with unseeing eyes proteins, Neves, dipping his fingers into his stomach sick, deftly picks up inside him red tape by pulling it out with a splash of blood.

— How do you think I pull out? This damage, which sends to a person witch — she formed inside in the form of excess tissue harm the body. Often grows into a tumor. But when the baby is born and he had no enemies, that these films do not exist. Human health harms the devil — because when he was seriously ill, he becomes angrier offended by others, they can retaliate. What do you think?

I have nothing to say — in witch I never believed them, and represented himself only as Baba Yaga, played Millyar. However, most of these healers are afraid of witches seriously, and each of them is necessarily an amulet around his neck, frightening off the "dark forces", although the "dark lady" healers bypassed. Why?

Wash oil

Before treatment, Neves always washes his hands in boiling oil — easily as in water. "There's nothing complicated — she says quietly. — The main thing is to imagine that it is ordinary water, and hands you begin only after the elbow — I think I still do not submerge them, and they are already inside the oil. Need to turn off the brain, consciousness. Just lend a hand in the void. I do not feel anything, only slight tingling sensation. " I feel faint tingling does not work — oil splashing and burns … to lower it even half a finger I did not dare. Neves, respectively, are not persuaded, "I am this year accustomed themselves every day. For a week it will be difficult to learn. Yes, you have, and with entering the astral some problems. Work on yourself. " Another healer of the same village, Ricardo argues that the astral someone better not to go. "There are revealed by man dozing in his mind, which he did not even know — in fact it is the strongest self-hypnosis. I saw the guy, he really wanted to be a healer for years tried to enter the astral plane. And when he did it, it turned out that he was in such a state … is able to cool to sing. And he, being impressed abandoned the desire to be a healer — is now singing in opera fans showered flowers on him and he's happy. "

On the fourth day of inconclusive study entry to the astral plane and Ricardo Neves, exhausted from my lack of talent, decided to bring me to surgery. "I'm just a man put his hand on his head, and the pain was gone. I did not know why I do it. Try it, maybe, and you will — then we will know right away and all. "

Seeing covered with sores patient on the table in the chapel, I somehow immediately wanted to offer to put it all back tomorrow. Nevertheless Ricardo Neves came to the table with very businesslike appearance and began to discuss what the person is sick. The visitor complained of pain in the back — there is one of the ulcers. Neves is leaning over his back … and here is a bummer. It is noticeable that the fingers of women healers do not want to get into a body, shake and bend, even crackling, one bounced off the white spark. Girls mediums to help healer enter into a trance, noticeably excited and loudly chanted prayers are read — nothing helps. "Doktorsha're screwed" — with a cynical smile materialist I think watching the commotion. Suddenly hilersha quick movement clung to the back of the patient, and under his skin … the bubbles began to swell. Breaking away from the skin, Neves spits out a mouthful of blood, which can be seen chunks of flesh … a patient's back surface is absolutely clean.

It turns out that this is an extreme step, which is to go healer, in severe cases — suck out the negative energy of the poison from the wound, when a person is bitten by a snake. However, most of the day after the healer can not do anything, you have to pass a rite of purification from "negative", so reception is over for today. "You want to just try it?" — Grinning Neves and departs from the patient, the vampire gesture of wiping the blood from his chin, what I'm saying, "Oh! Dictaphone forgot to take "- playfully throw in the opposite direction. Nevertheless, the patient's wound near the spine in front of prolonged cloudy film — the patient says that it is easier. Hilershe a reward is given in advance stockpiled a live chicken, which is not as happy as a patient.

Denied a murderer
HEALER in the course of work has to deal with unpleasant people — even with the witches. Those are not very fond of healers, but prefer not to quarrel with them, because they, too, can get sick. And hilerskomu unwritten code to refuse treatment can only be the killer. In the punishment for being a healer would not treat a poor man, God can take his gift of healing, so that will help everyone, including harmful neighbor and even his worst enemy. The only — free free strife. After the first publication of the healers in the "AIF" very many people have asked me to phone the old healer Fiorentino, intending to come to the Philippines and had to be treated for free. However, people have forgotten one thing: the healer at once surprised — why they found $ 1,500 for a ticket to Manila, but they can not even pay him a hundred bucks?

Over lunch (this most absorbing when baked chicken) Neves argues that, in principle, to the wonders of the world is not enough. By the way, it is generally quite slow healer. Star Filipino healers, Alex Orbito can hold up to 500 operations … in just one hour, it is worked out to automatism. Unlike most of the healers had little love for journalists Orbito loves to prove that he is not a charlatan. The last time he did the operation at gunpoint ten cameras on all sides, and they recovered from diseased flesh given to the analysis — all proved genuine. Neves believes that people heal quickly from a serious illness and can not in any way at all — only the cat will soon be born.

— To me there came a gentleman from Russia, he was paralyzed and had only moved in a wheelchair. So he wanted me to spend an emergency operation on him, and he immediately got up and walked. I said — it will not. He began to shout and insult me. I started to cry and said — if you do not believe me, I will not take a penny. Live in my house: we begin to pray fervently, put grass and I will operate with you every day, pulling out clumps of negativity — maybe something will turn out. It takes time. But then he turned around and went to another healer.

I chuckled. What answer Neves? I also do not like to wait — I would always all at once. Unfortunately, not always in life it happens. Well, get me something or not, after all? Well, soon I'll find out …

By the way

FIRST healers in the Philippines (in the northern part of Luzon) appeared in pagan times, being a shaman. When the Spanish colonizers they were burnt, as it was believed that the devil gives you the ability to heal. There is still no clear explanation for why healers are found only in the north of Luzon, but the fact that this part of the land soaked with energy, and occasionally people are watching the vision of the Virgin Mary.

VERSIONS why healers into the body using only the fingers, leaving no trace on the skin, a lot — from the banal, but very clever charlatanism to strong energy field, allowing healers to push the patient's skin cells, as well as hypnosis. Using healers use U.S. President Reagan, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and, perhaps, members of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party — said this in an interview with "AIF" the widow of former dictator Philippines Imelda Marcos.
In the next issue: how the browser "AIF" tried to commit itself surgery without a scalpel under the guidance of a healer, and what came of it.

George Zotov, Alaminos — Baguio City — Manila — Moscow
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AIF 20.2004

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