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Dmitry Larchenko

Canadian scientists have discovered another "aging gene", reports AFP. According to the researchers, the gene helps to extend life by 30 percent. You do not need to spend money or take medications — should only limit yourself to eating.
In fact, this is just one of the long-known ways to prolong life. In addition, add a few years terrestrial existence can ascorbic acid, reducing the temperature of the body and even a small dose of radiation. Time ago!
If you are inclined to experiment on himself, that is, 9 surest ways to quickly grow old

Medicine is powerless

As many believe, in order not to die — you just have to cure all diseases. After all, the development of medicine in the XX century has increased the life expectancy by almost two times.

A hundred years ago, many people were dying at an early age from dangerous infections. Now the "hit parade" of deadly diseases is far different. First place are cardiovascular disease and cancer, with which to fight a lot harder. And the invention of a new antibiotic is not limited — to search for new drugs and prevention requires significant investments in medical science. But even huge amounts, according to experts, will not be able to extend the life of the average person more than 10 years. Therefore, "elixir of youth" physicians can not afford to create.

Finding these "elixirs" engaged the science of aging — gerontology. Surprisingly, on the day of their segdonyashny found quite a few. Methods of prolonging life are divided into physical, chemical and biological. Some affect lifespan other — on its quality. But, unfortunately, most of the known methods are extremely difficult or even dangerous. Therefore, their development was limited to testing on animals, and people did not come in handy.

Elixirs of physicists

Ever since the first half of the XX century, physicists have tried to influence the duration of life with the help of electromagnetic fields. It turned out that a weak magnetic field leads to cancer. And high "background" — on the contrary, saved the mice from tumor and thus increased the average life expectancy. Of course, for headaches and other adverse effects of "magnetic storms" in animals did not ask, so the quality of such a long life can only guess.

Improve the quality of life of physicists were able to not just improve the magnetic background, and make the field variables — with the frequency of 50 Hertz. As established at the end of the last century L.H.Garkavi of Rostov-on-Don, under the influence of such a field old rats literally "come alive." Animals in the course of his experiments became more mobile, rare, yellow, coarse wool has been replaced by a white, soft, thick, yellowish sclera eyes were bright pink, skin and fat from the rough into a soft, elastic, returned to normal sexual cycle. Life span of rats, researchers, unfortunately, was not measured.

Another way to extend the life of physics called radiation. The weak ionizing radiation, which we so afraid, can be added to the "measured out the" date of 10-20 percent. But here is great — on the contrary, greatly shorten life.

Chemical drugs

His main goal chemists regard the fight against free radicals. Many scientists believe that these molecules — products of incomplete oxidation — destroy healthy cells in the body and thus lead to many diseases and stimulate the process of aging.

As an antioxidant, you can use vitamins E, A and C. Another Nobel laureate Linus Polling believed that large doses of ascorbic acid can significantly prolong life. It is recommended to take up to 10 grams of the vitamin a day, although most of the miraculous effect askorbinki confirmed only partially — it does not help everyone and not always. Now Gerontology used vitamin and trace elements that are somewhat slow down the process of aging.

Pharmacists and chemists have also tried to improve the life of the elderly through a variety of bio-stimulants — from aloe to refined petroleum products. These substances stimulate the nervous, endocrine and immune system and stimulates the regenerative processes slow down the development of atherosclerosis and arthritis. However, in most cases the use of these substances makes little or associated with serious side effects.

Studies have shown that long life can make some hormones, immune system stimulants, anti-diabetic drugs and medicines and many other chemical compounds. However, none of them can not be considered safe and versatile.

Perhaps one of the most effektivnoh tablets from aging is activated carbon or other sorbent. We prove that these drugs act as intestinal filters and limit the intake of toxic substances. This in turn helps to prevent many diseases, and therefore — to increase the lifespan.

"Moonshine" youth

Closest to create an elixir of youth came biologists. And they do not offer a drink tablets, to get into a pressure chamber or a magnetic field, they have proven that you can extend the life of materials at hand.

If an adult reduces food intake by about 30 percent, and, without changing the composition of the products, the duration of its lifetime increases for several years. Moreover, it decreases the risk of cardiovascular, endocrine and other diseases characteristic to the elderly. Data on the effects of low-calorie food, unfortunately, it is difficult to obtain in experiments on humans, because it is impossible to precisely control the amount of food they received. However, data obtained in animals, unequivocally affirm the usefulness of such a diet.

As mentioned above, Canadian researchers have found that the positive effects of low-calorie food sold through gene specific gene — Sirt1. But, of course, the result is achieved not only by this: Power is connected with millions of biochemical processes, and observe the change of each of them is very difficult.

Explanation of the phenomenon is given gerontologists low-calorie food, very simple and at the same time convincing: the age of about 25 years metabolic rate starts decreasing, and stops the growth of the organism. At the same time, out of habit, a person continues to eat as much and eat. This leads to a positive energy balance, and accordingly received nutrients are not processed properly.

From this it follows that the substitute, but better — to supplement the diet — will exercise regularly. Also, they eliminate a positive energy balance, they are a good means for preventing heart diseases and nervous system. The only limitation — the burden should be reduced with age.

In addition, prolong youth helps ordinary dream. Some authors have extended the life of the animal using sleeping pills, for example, Professor S.N.Braynes in 1958 for three months, "put to sleep" decrepit 15-year-old lap dog. As a result, it has increased muscle tone limbs began to grow new hair, vocstanovilsya and lasted until the end of the life of the sex instinct, many biologically important functions have been restored. The dog lived another 6 years and at the age of 21.5 years, was accidentally killed by a chimpanzee. But then again Braynesa experiments failed, and scientists have found that the most useful simply to remain in harmony with biorhythms, to comply with the traditional mode of centenarians: get up and go to bed after sunrise after sunset.

There are also psychological methods of prolonging life. This is mainly eastern techniques of hypnosis and meditation. However, it is important not so much the method and the result — a psychological balance. And how to achieve it — everyone decides for himself.

Another interesting method — lowering the temperature of the body. At low temperatures slows the biochemical processes of an organism. So, in general, aging is slower. That's just the human body is tuned to something to keep the temperature constant. Therefore, there is still a geroprotector helped only snakes, frogs and other cold-blooded.

Read this paragraph, the pessimist would say that all the time, scientists have invented a bicycle. Over the last century to the "elixir of youth" spent a lot of time and money, and found only that helps extend the life of nutrition, exercise, regular sleep and a good mood. And an optimist, perhaps get up from the computer and arrange yourself a little jog.


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