Hunan province is in the grip of serious spring drought

Changsha, April 12 / Xinhua / — In Hunan Province established a serious spring drought, which adversely affects the spring sowing and water supply of settlements. This was reported in the office of the provincial headquarters of flood and drought.

On January 1 and April 8 of this year the average rainfall in Hunan was only 156 mm, which is 44 percent less than normal. Because of the small amount of precipitation has fallen sharply water level in rivers and lakes, located in the province. To date, the most serious drought situation has developed in the Lake Dongting.

According to preliminary statistics, the drought in Hunan had a negative impact on spring plowing an area 1.82 million mu / 1 hectare = 15 mu / and supply more than 440 thousand people with drinking water. Local authorities are making every effort to combat the effects of drought.

According to forecasts of weather services in the near future of significant rainfall in Hunan is not expected, the steady increase in air temperature will exacerbate the situation of the drought.

Source: Russian.News.Cn

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