Hundreds of French again spent the night in the snow banquet halls

Hundreds of French people spent the night on Friday in the sports and banquet halls in the north-east of France because of snowfall, which deceived the vigilance of road services and did not allow time to clear the highway, according to RIA Novosti.

Snow continues to confuse the French plans for the day before the Catholic Christmas. Next, the fourth in the winter snowfall was in northern France on Friday night. However, road services were again not quite ready for it. On Friday morning, the traffic was almost impossible on secondary roads department of Ain, the Nord and Pas-de-Calais, and on some highways in the Oise and the Somme.

In the department of Ain hundred cars were on the road because of the snow, the authorities have placed passengers at night in comfortable rooms. About 320 people spent the night in the hall in the town of Reims under Phim.

"I live 10 miles away, and some who have spent the night here — five kilometers. But apparently, the government is easier to place people in the audience than to clear the road" — complained to reporters one of the victims.

Nor department prefecture said that the region was blocked by a few cars, and recommends not to leave the house by car, if there is no immediate need.

In addition, in the department of the Somme around 40 passengers spent the night TER regional express train in the composition, which left at 22.40 because of snowfall and drove to the station only at 6.30 am. The authorities claim that the train continued to sink, and the Red Cross gave passengers blankets and warm drinks.

In some areas in the north-east of France banned the movement of trucks, which is estimated to federal motor carriers for December already lost because of such bans around 150 million euros.

Meteorologists warn that the problems in the east of France to continue in the Christmas night. Heavy snowfall is expected in 20 departments. In the region of Lorraine to the department Allier Saturday morning fall from five to 10 centimeters of snow, and from Alsace to the Northern Alps — from seven to 15 centimeters.

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