Hundreds of people fled their homes as a result of severe flooding in the north of England

Hundreds of people were forced to leave their homes today after heavy rains led to flooding in the north-west of England. As the Bi-bi-si, for the last day in many areas dropped monthly rainfall from the coast out of the river, and were partially flooded more than 500 homes in the counties of Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cumbria and Greater Manchester.

Members of dozens of families were forced to spend the night on Saturday in shelters and can not yet return to their homes. Reports of the victims were reported, but were taken to hospitals in several motorists lost control on a wet track. Rescue workers also evacuated nine people, machines which were flooded. Livni also seriously disrupted transport in the region delayed trains and coaches.

Estimated to meteorologists, north-west England, within hours fell to 103 mm of rain, and rain in the coming days will continue. It is expected that by the evening element of a blow to the South of England and Wales. Meteorological Service of the United Kingdom and the Agency for Environmental Protection issued a series of warnings. Adopted measures to protect 11 thousand homes from flooding, the threat of flooding will continue until Sunday.

Bad weather also spoiled the holiday for thousands of people who came to the island of Wai, where this weekend is the famous music festival.


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