Hunters for Barabashka


Had such a fear of a small village Volodymyrivka Liskisky area: 12-year-old Ilyusha Colossus haunted poltergeist

Late at night on duty Liskinskom police department contacted the Directorate of Internal Affairs and began to talk about evil spirits: thus, they say, and so, in the village of Volodymyrivka there is something strange, things fly, Barabashka probably settled. In the police department were not surprised, because just before a police management received a similar message from his district Dmitry Zubarev, who said that in the family home Kolos it is not clear from fly boots. The district, as is usual in such cases, advised pohmelyatsya. It was Tuesday, and on Wednesday from the area of the skeptics realized how wrong they were — stood on his head all Volodymyrivka.
Our guide to the places of mysterious incidents became chief of staff Vladimirovka and four other adjacent villages Viktor Baev.
— On Tuesday I got a call Vladimirovskaya director of the school and said that lessons had been ripped off — says Viktor Ivanovich — hesitated a little bit, and then said that all the students ran to look like in one of the huts all things from one place to fly. And then the same thing and told the policeman. I called in our District Office of Civil Defense and Emergency Situations, but was told that paranormal phenomena are not engaged. I had myself, my wife and our local doctor Larissa Kuzhakovoy Volodymyrivka go in and look for a fifth-grader Elijah, with which it all began. We found him at the home of neighbors Dubinin, at his home boy and his father George were no longer able to live.
Ilya Colosio twelve years. In 1995, a boy with his father and his mother moved to Volodymyrivka of Magnitogorsk. In the village lives under Liska his grandmother. There is nothing strange in the life of the family's neighbors did not notice. Is that Father Elias George — a former miner — likes to call himself the French manner Georges. Ilya — the only child in the family, and "late." When he was born, his father was already 46. Now father works at a local agricultural enterprise cattleman. Two years ago, fell seriously ill mother of Elijah Faith Ilinichna, and all the while she is in the hospital with paralysis of the legs.

At first, we were funny, then scary

— Swearing we heard long before they came to the house Dubinin — continues the story of Victor Baev, — "What, afraid contagion? Goes one on one." Well you never know with whom Sasha Dubinin swears. He later said that swore that turned the whole house upside down. We opened the gate Ilya and quickly ran into the hall — a sullen, brooding. And then from there we flew directly into the pan. You would have thought that the boy throws himself. But the house from place to place and flew other small items. As it happened, it is difficult to describe. It was as if someone was throwing them, but because our eyes to them has not been touched. At first it was funny, then scary. Ilya, as it turned out, had not slept for several nights — it throws off the bed. We decided to check it out. The boy went to the neighbors on the couch, and a couple of minutes down. But not rolled — it seemed something was thrown and was thrown a meter and a half off the couch. Only then I advised him, "You lie down on the couch, and he hands over the edge hold on, as if you're on a horse." He lay down and says, "I can not, I hand someone is trying to let go." And then Anna Dubinin for no reason, no reason flew a pitcher of water.
Further in the middle of it was Doctor Larisa Kuzhakova:
— I asked Dubinin, why are they so strangely kept in the house spokes — stuck in the wall in the hall. And they say that the needles flew out of the box and stuck into themselves, whistler literally next to them. Of course, I did not believe it, do not believe it and after talking with Ilya. But the left, just in case, backing away. And in my eyes a little stool next to which no one stood lifted and flew straight at me. Hit the sensitive feet. I am a trained psychiatrist, and should not believe it. But when you will feel for yourself … I do not know what to think. And the boy Ilya very calm, balanced, everything that happens, he is not even perceived as emotionally as we are.
The district Dmitry Zubarev told us that when he arrived in the afternoon on Tuesday, February 4, in the family home and Spike tried to talk to Elijah, he flew into boots. After boot flew stored on the cabinet buttons, but not like someone threw a handful, and the sighting, one after another, like bullets.
Did not get the flying objects, perhaps, only in the boy. The villagers were finally convinced that the devil seeks to achieve Elijah, when the father and his son escaped from the house to the other neighbors Dubinin — Zhivoglazovym. There's "miracles" with the flight continued. Interestingly, the level from midnight to six in the morning barabashka rested Ilyusha just kept trying to throw off the bed. And with the first roosters all started again — in the house where the boy was moved from place to place and fell a variety of things.
Ilya talked to neighbors and friends, that the flying objects — not his fault, but he is only a couple of seconds before take off something, somewhere will know that it will happen.
Vladimirovtsy sure that it is the machinations of evil spirits, as the most "barabashka" afraid of holy water. The pensioner Zinaida S. Svetocheva famous in the village as a very religious woman:
— A little boy came running to me so scared, he called to his home. I came to like him, so once a broom from corner to corner — Whack. Wall wanted to sprinkle some water sacred, so a bottle on the table in the kitchen as much in the canopy flew off. Until now, shaking, when I remember.


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